Freyja's Ascent

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Freyja's Ascent is an instanced map that can be accessed by speaking to Tanya at Caspen 143 234.

Entering the Dungeon

To enter the map, players must speak to Tanya outside the Adventurer's Guild Bar, at Caspen 143 234. There are no prerequisites to entering the map.

Players must be in a party to enter, and only the party's leader may start the instance. Parties can have up to 5 members, with larger parties increasing both the difficulty and the quality of the rewards. Note that the party cannot be changed after entering; if a new member is added to the party, they will not be able to enter the instance.

This instance has no cooldown or time-based loot restrictions, meaning that it can be run repeatedly throughout the day while still obtaining rewards.

Nightmare Mode

When entering the instance, players will be given the option of selecting Nightmare mode. This will significantly increase the stats of all monsters inside the instance, and also improves the quality of enchantments found in the loot chests, as well as increasing the rare weapon rates.

If nightmare mode is enabled, monsters will have their HP, Attack, and stats increased to 250% of their default values. This is increased by a further 50% per additional party member, to a maximum of 450% with a party of 5 players.

If nightmare mode is disabled, monsters will have no base increase to their stats, but will still have their stats increased by 30% per additional member.


Completing the instance in both normal and Nightmare mode will unlock two Achievements, Freyja's Ascent and Forgotten History. Holding a position in the Nightmare mode completion time ladder will also grant access to the temporary title and achievement, Ascended.


Both normal mode and Nightmare mode have a completion time ladder that will show the fastest 5 times. This ladder resets on the 1st of every month, at 00:00 server time. New rankings for Nightmare mode will be announced to the server, and players who hold a current top 5 ranking will have access to the Ascended title. This title will be lost if the player drops off the rankings, and/or when the ladder resets.

Loot Chests

After entering the instance, 4-6 loot chests will be spawned randomly around the map, with an additional chest for every 2 party members (6-8 chests for a party with 4+ players). Each chest contains a randomly selected enchanted weapon.

Kill Requirements

Each chest requires killing a number of mobs before it can be opened. The first chest requires 10 kills, the second requires 20, and so on. The chests can be opened in any order, with the kill count only being determined by how many chests have been opened so far.

Loot Mechanics

When a chest is opened, it will select a random category of weapons. There are 10 categories, each with an equal chance of being selected.

If any rare weapons have been unlocked using the artifacts system, the chest will do a rare loot roll. The chance for a rare weapon drop is 15% + 0.5% per party member for normal mode (17.5% with a party of 5), and 20% + 1% per party member for nightmare mode (25% with a party of 5). If the roll fails, or if no rare weapons are unlocked for the category, a common weapon will be given instead.

Note that some rare weapons, such as Excalibur, have a lower chance to be selected than others. Also, unlocking only one rare weapon of a category will not increase the chances of getting it. If a rare weapon roll succeeds, the system will select a random rare weapon from the category; if it has not yet been unlocked, a common weapon will be given instead. This means that unlocking a wider range of rare weapons will grant a higher chance of receiving a rare drop.

After a weapon has been selected, a random type of enchantment will be picked. The possible enchantments are Atk, MAtk, Hit, and Flee. Most weapons have a 67.5% chance to receive an Atk enchantment. The exceptions are staffs and Elemental Sword, which favor MAtk instead. Healing Staff also has a 50% chance to receive a healing power enchantment instead.

Enchantment values range from 25-90 (25-100 in nightmare mode), or 1-9% (1-10% in nightmare mode) for the healing enchantment.

There is an additional 10% chance to receive a secondary enchantment of 1-5% resistance to a random element. This chance is increased to 12% in nightmare mode, though the actual enchantment values remain the same.

Artifact System

Loot chests will only drop common weapons by default. Players can unlock rare weapon drops by handing in a normal, unenchanted version of the weapon to Tanya. Doing so will unlock the weapon as a rare loot drop for 3 days, increased by an additional 2 days for every refine level past +4, or a total of 15 days at +10. Players can hand in as many of the weapon as they want, with the times being added to their current unlock period.

Tanya will inform the player if any rare weapon unlocks have expired since last speaking to her, or if any weapons will be expiring within the next 3 hours. Artifacts can be handed in while an instance run is in progress to unlock them for the remaining chests and completion reward, and similarly can expire while inside the instance.

Note that rare weapon unlocks will only apply for the player that handed in the weapons, not for the entire party.

Boss Fight (Dark Guardian)


Freyja's Ascent is home to the Dark Guardian, a custom MVP. This MVP has an extensive skills list, with a new skill being added at every 25% HP threshold, as well as buffing itself when it reaches 10% HP. Additionally, at each 25% HP threshold, the MVP will become invincible, summoning two pillars within the village that must be destroyed before players can deal damage again, as well as a number of normal mobs to protect both himself and the pillars.

Dark Guardian has a 10% chance to drop 45061.png Dark Guardian's Cloak.

Players must kill at least 67% of the Dark Beholders and 50% of the other normal mobs on the map before Dark Guardian will spawn in the village.

Upon being defeated, a portal will spawn in the middle of the village. Players can click the portal to select a desired weapon category to receive an enchanted weapon from. The weapon stats will be generated in the same way as the loot chests, however due to the weapon category being chosen by the player instead of randomly selected, there is a significantly improved chance at receiving a weapon that the player wants.

Monster List

30 Dark Beholder
26 Freezing
30 Frost Centipede
16 Frozen Butterfly
17 Mystic Butterfly
11 Fallen Soul
2 Snow Gryphon
2 Glacial Serpent
1 Tendrilion (5% chance)
1 Tirfing / Mysteltainn / Executioner (5% chance)
1 Dark Priest (1% chance)