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The refine system in AnomalyRO works essentially the same as the usual Ragnarok Online refine system, with a few tweaks to balance the system out for the higher server rates.

Blacksmith NPC at Caspen 177 201

Refine Bonuses

The default refine bonuses are fairly insignificant in super high rate servers, so we've buffed refine bonuses across the board to make refined gear more appealing.

Refined weapons will provide +1% base Atk/MAtk per refine level. Note that because this uses your base values, this also affects skills that are not typically affected by item bonuses, and will be multiplied by your % bonus cards as well.

Refined armor will provide +0.25 Def/MDef/HP% per refine level. This applies to all defensive gear, meaning it's possible to get a total of 70 refine levels when using a shield. With fully refined gear, this will provide a total of +17 Def/MDef and +17.5% max HP.

Success Rates

Since all weapons provide the same bonus regardless of weapon level, their success rates have been normalized so that they're no longer dependent on weapon level. The refine chance for all types of gear are the same. Enriched materials can be used to improve the refine chances.

Players can also choose to pay an extra 10,000,000 Zeny per refine level at the Caspen Blacksmith to increase the refine chance by 10%. This bonus stacks with enriched materials, if they are used.

Whitesmith refine rates have been changed to use the same rates as enriched materials.

Refine Rates
Lvl Chance Enriched
1 100% 100%
2 100% 100%
3 100% 100%
4 100% 100%
5 60% 90%
6 40% 70%
7 40% 70%
8 20% 40%
9 20% 40%
10 9% 20%

Refine Costs

Refine costs have been changed to 10,000,000 Zeny per refine. Material costs are unchanged.

Equipment Material Cost
Weapon Lv. 1 1010.png Phracon 10,000,000z
Weapon Lv. 2 1011.png Emveretarcon 10,000,000z
Weapon Lv. 3 984.png Oridecon 10,000,000z
Weapon Lv. 4 984.png Oridecon 10,000,000z
Armor 985.png Elunium 10,000,000z

Enriched Materials

7619.png Enriched Elunium and 7620.png Enriched Oridecon can be used when refining above the safe limit to increase the refine chance. Enriched materials can be obtained from the Poring Coin Shop, Vote Shop, and Battlegrounds Shop, and will be used in place of the normal refine materials. See the Success Rates table above for adjusted rates when using enriched materials.

Batch Refine

The Blacksmith in Caspen also offers a batch refining option, which allows players to refine multiple items of the same type simultaneously. Batch refining costs an additional 1,000,000 Zeny per refine attempt.

Refine rates are the same as standard refines, and both enriched materials and improved refines can be used while batch refining.

Refine Transfers

Players can move refine levels between different headgears by selecting the "Transfer Refines" option at the Blacksmith in Caspen. This can be paid for either with 40000.png Donation Tickets or 674.png Mithril Coins. When paying with Donation Tickets, the price will be based on the refine level of the higher refined gear - +10 will cost 800 tickets, +9 will cost 500, and all other refine levels will cost 200. When paying with Zeny there is a flat fee of 20 Mithril Coins.

Refine transfer eligibility is based on a tier system; refines can only be transferred if the destination headgear is either the same tier or a lower tier than the source headgear. For example, refines can be transferred from a Battlegrounds headgear to a Zeny headgear, but not the other way around. A list of the current tiers and their order is provided by the NPC. A headgear's tier can easily be checked by using @ii to check where the headgear is obtained from.

Headgears that do not belong to any of the current tiers can only be transferred between headgears of the same type.

Refine Tickets

40024.png Refine Tickets offer a way to safe refine any piece of equipment to +8. They can be purchased from the Donation Shop or obtained at a low chance from the Battlegrounds Reward Box.