MVP Rooms

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MVP Warper, Caspen 98 221
MVP Protector NPC

The server has three MVP rooms: Alpha, Epilson, and Theta. Each room contains four arenas with different MVPs.

To access an MVP Room, simply talk to the MVP Warper located at caspen 98 221.

In case players need to leave the room, the MVP Protector is located at the centre of each arena. Be sure to bring healing items before entering the rooms - or simply heal up from the Healer NPC in Caspen.


Arena Capacity Map MVPs
1 10 players pvp_n_1-2 Baphomet (2)
Dark Lord (2)
Egnigem Cenia (2)
Mistress (2)
2 pvp_n_2-2
3 pvp_n_3-2
4 pvp_n_4-2


Arena Capacity Map MVPs
1 10 players pvp_n_1-5 Bascojin (2)
Phreeoni (2)
RSX 0806 (2)
2 pvp_n_2-5
3 pvp_n_3-5
4 pvp_n_4-5


Arena Capacity Map MVPs
1 10 players pvp_n_1-4 Incantation Samurai (2)
Moonlight Flower (2)
Stormy Knight (2)
Turtle General (2)
2 pvp_n_2-4
3 pvp_n_3-4
4 pvp_n_4-4