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Zeny Coins

Coin Trader NPC

Zeny is not commonly used unless it is first converted into coins. To convert your Zeny or gold into coins, simply talk to the Coin Trader located at Caspen 179 209. The NPC will give you the option to convert coins into Zeny, Zeny into coins, gold into coins, or coins into other types of coins.

The simplest way to start farming gold to convert to coins is through our Gold Room.

Exchange Rate

Coin Type Zeny Equivalent Gold Equivalent
673.png Bronze Coin (BC) 1,000,000z 9 gold
675.png Silver Coin (SC) 10,000,000z 81 gold
671.png Gold Coin (GC) 100,000,000z 807 gold
674.png Mithril Coin (MC) 1,000,000,000z 8,064 gold

674.png Mithril Coins are also used as the currency for the Zeny Shop, located at Caspen 173 185.

Poring Coins

Poring Coin Shop

7539.png Poring Coins can be used to purchase items from the Poring Coin Shop, located at Caspen 165 184.

There are many ways to obtain Poring coins:

  • Activity - You get 3 Poring Coins for each hour you are active, plus a bonus 5 Poring Coins after 6 consecutive hours
  • Daily Contracts - You get 5 Poring Coins for each contract you complete
  • Events - Poring Coins are often used as prizes in both GM events and Automated Events
  • Achievements - Poring Coins are used as a completion reward for some achievements
  • Bounty MVPs - Poring Coins may be randomly selected as a reward for killing a bounty MVP

Battlegrounds Tickets

Battlegrounds Shop

40001.png Battlegrounds Tickets can be used to purchase items from the Battlegrounds Shop, located at Caspen 183 190.

Battlegrounds Tickets are obtained by participating in Battlegrounds matches, which occur throughout the day and can be joined by anyone that is level 500.

Vote Points

Vote Shop

Vote Points are used to purchase items from the Vote Shop at Caspen 181 184.

Vote Points can be obtained by voting for the server via the voting page on our website. You will be given one point for each vote, and can vote for each website every 12 hours.

Your balance can be checked by either opening the shop, or checking your current points on the website.

Donation Credits and Tickets

Donation Shop

Donation Credits and 40000.png Donation Tickets are used to purchase items from the Donation Shop located at Caspen 182 196.

Donation Credits (DCs) can be obtained by visiting the donation page of our website. You will receive 100 Donation Credits for each dollar you donate.

DCs are usually available instantly after your purchase has been completed. You can check your current balance by viewing the shop, or by checking your current points on the website.

You can also convert your DCs to Donation Tickets. This is to allow you to buy or sell Donation Tickets with other players in-game.

Do take note that both DCs and Donation Tickets can be used interchangeably which means that the Donation Shop NPC will accept either currency when purchasing items.