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Contracts NPC at Caspen 132 234

The contracts system provides 5 random mini-quests each day, resetting at 00:00 server time. Contract objectives consist of item and monster hunting, and for some contracts may be randomly selected for each player.

Note: The available contracts are PC locked, meaning that they remain the same across all of your accounts.

How to Start?

To view the currently available contracts, simply talk to the Contracts NPC located at caspen 132 234.

Each contract listed will include the name and map of the NPC that will give you the quest - the exact coordinates of the NPC are not given. Once found, the NPC will provide the requirements to complete the contract.

Listed contracts will also display the player's current completion status (Available or Complete).


Contracts Guide

You can also check out the Contracts Guide on our forums! This guide is created and maintained by our very own players.