Bloody Branches

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Dead Branch Collector NPC, Caspen 159 252

12103.png Bloody Branches (BB) and Enchanted Bloody Branches (EBB) are items that can summon various MVPs. Both of them can be obtained by talking to the Dead Branch Collector, located at caspen 159 252, or by participating in Battlegrounds.

Bloody Branches

Bloody Branches can be obtained by trading in 25 Dead Branches to the Dead Branch Collector, opening a Battlegrounds Reward Box, and sometimes as rare drops from monsters such as King of the Abyss.

Upon using a Bloody Branch, it will summon one MVP selected randomly from the table below. All MVPs have an equal chance of spawning from a Bloody Branch.

Note: Those in red can also be summoned by Enchanted Bloody Branches

List of MVPs
Amon Ra Angeling Arc Angeling Atroce Baphomet Beelzebub
Dark Lord Detardeurus/Detale Deviling Doppelganger Dracula Drake
Eddga Egnigem Cenia Evil Snake Lord Falling Bishop Hibram Garm/Hatii Ghostring
Gloom Under Night Golden Thief Bug Gopinich Ifrit Kiel D-01 Ktullanux
Lady Tanee Lord of the Dead Maya Mistress Moonlight Flower Orc Hero
Orc Lord Osiris Pharaoh Phreeoni RSX-0806 Samurai Specter/
Incantation Samurai
Stormy Knight Tao Gunka Turtle General Valkyrie Randgris Vesper White Lady/Bascojin

Enchanted Bloody Branches

Enchanted Bloody Branches can be obtained by upgrading a normal Bloody Branch at the Dead Branch Collector, which costs 100,000,000 Zeny per branch. They can also be obtained by completing the daily Contracts, opening a Battlegrounds Reward Box, or purchasing them from the Donation Shop. Unlike normal Bloody Branches, the spawn rates of MVPs vary slightly for EBBs.

MVP Rarity
Amon Ra Common
Atroce Uncommon
Beelzebub Common
Detardeurus/Detale Common
Doppelganger Uncommon
Dracula Common
Drake Uncommon
Eddga Uncommon
Evil Snake Lord Uncommon
Fallen Bishop Hibram Common
Garm/Hatii Common
Gloom Under Night Common
Golden Thief Bug Common
High Priest Rare
High Wizard Common
Ifrit Common
Kiel D-01 Common
King of the Abyss Rare
Ktullanux Common
Lady Tanee Common
Lord of the Dead Uncommon
Maya Common
Orc Hero Uncommon
Orc Lord Common
Osiris Uncommon
Pharaoh Common
Sniper Rare
Tao Gunka Common
Thanatos Phantom Rare
Valkyrie Randgris Common
Vesper Common
Dead Branch Rooms NPC, Caspen 163 261

Dead Branch Rooms

In these rooms, you are able to use your BB/EBB freely! There are two types to choose from: Public and Private.

For Private rooms, you can set your own password (minimum of 1 letter). Other players can also enter your room by entering the same password. However, the owner doesn't need to re-enter the password. The ownership expires if the room is empty for more than 5 minutes.

You can leave the rooms by talking to the Exit NPC or via @warp/@go.

Exit NPC