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Battlegrounds is a team-based PvP arena in which teams compete to accomplish objectives in order to win. Both teams will receive Battlegrounds Tickets after each match but of course, the winning team will receive more than the losing team. There are also a number of achievements that can be unlocked by completing various tasks while participating in Battlegrounds matches.


Battlegrounds Tickets

For each Battlegrounds match that you participate in, you will receive Battlegrounds Tickets. You will receive tickets for every match, even if your team loses.

Conquest, Rush: 15 for a win, 5 for a loss
Triple Inferno: 15 for a win, 5 for a loss, 8 for a tie
Other match types: 10 for a win, 3 for a loss, 5 for a tie

If you join a match late, you will receive reduced tickets for that match. This reduction will increase depending on how late you join, to a minimum of a 1 ticket.

Pre-match Queue Rewards

You can also receive rewards for being in the Battlegrounds queue before a match starts.

Bonus Tickets: You will receive 20% bonus tickets for up to 5 matches per day by being in the pre-match queue. Please note that leaving a match early will forfeit your bonus tickets for that match, and will still count towards your daily limit.
Upgraded Card Album: You will receive an Upgraded Card Album after the 5th match that you are in the pre-match queue for each day.

The pre-match queue rewards are always received at the end of the match.

Battlegrounds Reward Box

For every 5 wins in Battlegrounds, you will receive one Battlegrounds Reward Box. These boxes can contain a variety of items, including some that are exclusive to Battlegrounds.

Item Amount Preview
Blazing Shard 1 img.png
Breezing Shard 1 img.png
Seismic Shard 1 img.png
Tidal Shard 1 img.png
Divine Fury (+ recolours) 1 img.png
Divine Instinct (+ recolours) 1 img.png
Divine Oblivion (+ recolours) 1 img.png
Divine Pride (+ recolours) 1 img.png
Hanbok Suit 1 RO HanbokOutfit.png
Bloody Branch 1
Enchanted Bloody Branch 1
Convex Mirror 1-5
Upgraded Card Album 1
Battlegrounds Ticket 3-10
Speed Potion 3-10
Stat Soda 3
Yggdrasil Berry Box (3) 1
Disguise Voucher 1
Pet Box 1
Old Card Album 10
Mystical Card Album 1
Wrapped Mask 1
Firecrackers Set 5
Donation Ticket 100
Refine Ticket 1

Battlegrounds Happy Hour

Happy Hour is an automated event that increases the Battlegrounds ticket rewards by 50% for two hours.

Sun/Tues/Thurs/Sat - 08:00-10:00 & 20:00-22:00
Mon/Wed/Fri - 04:00-06:00 & 16:00-18:00

Battlegrounds Queue

Battlegrounds matches will begin when enough players join the queue for the current match type. Once a player is in the Battlegrounds queue, they can move freely to any non-PvP map. Entering a PvP-enabled map will automatically cause the player to leave the queue.

Enters the player into the queue for the next match, or joins the current match if one is currently ongoing.

Automatically queues a player for the current and all following matches, or until the player uses @leavebg.

@invitebg <player name> and @acceptbg/@rejectbg
Used to create a duo queue. Once the invited player accepts the duo queue request, both players will enter the queue and @autobg will be enabled. Duo queue partners will always be placed on the same team until the duo queue is cancelled. If a duo queue is create while a match is already ongoing, the players may be placed on opposite teams until the following match to avoid giving one team a significant advantage.

@cancelbg <player name>
Cancels your current duo queue.

Leaves the Battlegrounds queue. Does not work when already inside the arena.

Team Deathmatch

This BG scenario is played in Flavius Map. Both team spawns at the opposite ends of the map. Both team starts with 70 lives and is consumed every time you or your teammate dies. If time runs out and both teams have the same score, this will end up as a draw.

Capture the Flag

This BG scenario is held in Flavius Map. Both teams are warped at the spawn points. Each team has a crystal positioned on their base. The objective is to capture the enemy’s crystal and take it back to the crystal at your base. If you managed to take your enemy’s crystal, you gradually lose HP and are unable to use skills. It is advantageous if a member of your team who has a mount will carry the crystal. Each successful capture will give your team 1 point, and 3 points are needed in order to win. The match can end as a draw if time runs out and when both teams have the same score.


This BG scenario is a simulation of First Edition WoE and takes place in different FE castles (Prontera, Payon, Geffen, Alde). Both team starts at the entrance of the castle and then need to rush towards the Emperium room to control the game. In order to achieve victory, a team needs to break the emperium and then defend it, if the assaulting team manages to break the emperium before time runs out, they will be crowned as the winner.


The fight starts at Tierra Valley Map. The scenario has 3 base points which are located at the middle, top and bottom. Each team should be more than the enemy when they are at a neutral or enemy base to capture it. When more bases are captured, points generated per base increases. The team must reach 99 points in order to win.


This scenario is similar to War of Emperium or WoE. It is very much similar to Rush. There are two sides of the team, the Attackers and the Defenders. The defenders must protect their Emperium at all costs while the attackers will need to rush and destroy the Emperium in order to win. If the time runs out while the Emperium still stands the Defenders win.

Stone Control

There will be 6 stones placed on the middle of the Flavius map. Each team must get/tag the stone and bring it to their respective bases. The more stones on the base the higher points it gives per tick. A person can capture an enemy's stone and bring it back to their base to increase their chances of winning. The team who reaches 99 points first wins.


This scenario takes place in Tierra Valley Map. Two teams will start at their designated ships. MVP's will spawn at north and south bases as well as a control flag located in the middle of the map. The goal of each team is to kill 5 MVP's in the enemy's base. The flag will take the color of the team who takes the last hit. Once it has the color of a team the enemy can damage it. To take back the color the opposing team must damage the flag enough for it to change the color to the other team. If the MVP dies the flag will revert back to neutral and once again you can begin to damage it again.

Triple Inferno

This scenario starts at Flavius Map and has 3 different teams: Red, Green and Blue. Each of the team must deposit 80 enemy skulls to their respective flags to gain points. To get the skulls each must kill an opposing team member which will then drop a skull where they can loot them and bring them to their flag. When the time limit ends, the team with the most skulls wins.

Eye of the Storm

The teams will start with their respective boats on the Tierra Valley Map. The map has north and south neutral bases and the middle that spawns a flag. The flag can be taken down when it has been hit a number of times regardless of one's damage. The capture mechanics and scoring is the same as Domination but having a flag that has been captured and bought to the base will provide 3 points. To win the team must reach 99 points first.