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03:33:13, Wed Dec 19, 2018


07:00~08:00 - Schwartzvald

18:00~19:00 - Arunafeltz


07:00~08:00 - Geffen

18:00~19:00 - Aldebaran


07:00~08:00 - Payon

18:00~19:00 - Prontera

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Server Info

For more detailed info about the server, please check out our wiki, or feel free to ask us any questions on our forums!

We also have a number of balancing changes to ensure gameplay remains competitive - see our balancing list for a full list of changes.

General Info

Max Level 500/200
Exp Rates 20k/20k
Drop Rates Custom (minimum 10%)
Max Stat 500
Max ASPD 193
Item Slots 2-slotted (weapons with 3+ slots use their default slot counts)
Guild Size 28
Third Jobs Disabled

Feature Highlights

Custom Anticheat Lightweight anticheat system built from scratch, designed to have minimal impact on performance
Client Mods Various client modifications, including integrated SimpleROHook (SRH) and instant screenshots, as well as performance improvements and bug fixes
Achievements System Fully customized achievements system with new achievements added regularly
Titles System Custom titles system including temporary titles, forum rewarded titles, and more
Battlegrounds Matchmaking Battlegrounds teams are balanced based on each player's performance in previous matches, so newbies and older players can both join Battlegrounds and still have fairly balanced matches
Refine Bonuses Custom refine bonuses improve all defensive stats for armor upgrades, and both physical & magic damage for weapon upgrades
Contracts System Complete 5 randomly selected mini-quests each day to receive daily rewards
Gold Room Party based Gold Room - the more people you bring, the more Gold you earn
Build Manager Save multiple stat builds and switch between them in town whenever you want
Automated Events Randomly selected events run every 3 hours
Hair Palettes Custom hair palette pack with 181 colours and separate accessory (hairtie etc) colour selection for 4,887 possible combinations
Stability Our entire database is stored in two separate locations using database replication, along with scheduled backups taken every hour, to avoid any possibility of a wipe or data loss

Misc Info

Accounts 6,532 Server Location Los Angeles, US
Characters 16,750 CPU E3-1240v6
Guilds 706 Storage 2x128GB SSD RAID 1
Parties 1,132 RAM 16GB DDR4
Total Zeny 8,122,895,784,560 Port Speed 1Gbps - DDoS Protected