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WoE Schedule

Current Server Time:

01:32:55, Tue Nov 30, 2021


07:00~08:00 - Schwartzvald

18:00~19:00 - Arunafeltz


07:00~08:00 - Geffen

18:00~19:00 - Aldebaran


07:00~08:00 - Payon

18:00~19:00 - Prontera

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In-game Support

If you have an issue in-game, the fastest way to get support is to contact an online GM!

Using @whogm shows a list of GMs who are currently available. Feel free to send them a PM any time!

You can also use @request. This sends a message to all online GMs - please be sure to include your issue or question in the request!

Support Ticket

If you're having client or login issues, or if no GMs are online to respond to your request, you can open up a support ticket at our Service Desk.

Every GM has access to the support tickets, and some will receive email notifications for each ticket, so this is a great way to get quick support for technical issues.

Forum Support

You can also get support by posting a topic in our forums. Our staff team checks for new support topics regularly throughout the day, and other players can also see your topic and help out if they know the answer!

Keep in mind that anything you post here will be public - if you have information that you don't want to post publicly, you should use one of the other contact methods.


If none of the above methods work or you're unable to create an account, you're more than welcome to send us an email!

Our official support email is . Please note that only upper level staff have access to this email.