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Andy gal

Who is Papa Zeny?

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About Me

Anomaly's  #1 Dicer Papa Zeny. Papa Zeny has been playing this game for almost 2 years
Papa Zeny did mostly MVP to accumulate his wealth a long with GR Party and BG.
I also do a lot of give away(I would say over 200billion) because

Papa Zeny is the owner of the game
Papa Zeny's Dice!!
Over 1 trillion of prizes paid to AnomalyRO players legitly.
now improved and even better for players!


I only accept bets on these following characters
"Papa Zeny"  "Papa Dice"


Papa's Even/Odd
You pick either Even or Odd(Please see below). This is played with multiple people ONLY
Papa will then roll /dice. If you win you'll get 2x your bet amount. 5% tax. NOW TAX FREE!

Even: 2, 4, & 6

Odd:  1, 3, & 5

Papa's L9

Papa and you will roll dice twice. The highest score possible is 9 and, you want to roll as close  to 9.
If you roll over 9  the count continues to the lower number
if it's a tie Papa wins by default. 5% tax. NOW TAX FREE!

4+6 = 0
5+6 = 1
6+6 = 2


Papa's Favorite Number

You will pick a number between 1 ~ 6.  If you picked the right number you will win 4x that amount.
5% tax. NOW TAX FREE!
Bet 100DC= 400DC
Bet 200DC = 800DC
Bet 300DC = 1,200DC

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