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Old Card Album Collector

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Similar to the Dead Branch Collector, I think it’d be cool to have an Old Card Album Collector that will exchange a number of Old Card Albums and a fee for a Mystical Card Album.


Since the Mystical Card Album guarantee mini-boss and MVP cards, we can make it a little more expensive than the Dead Branch Collector’s fee.


For example:


Old Card Album x50


Mystical Card Album x1


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That would turn bloody branch/enchanted bloody branch into dead content.


Simply because: why hunt 25 dead branches to summon a random boss that has a 10% chance at a card drop, when i can hunt 50 old card albums?

For a conversion to be of similar "work", it would require much more to create an upgraded card album, which is what i assume you are referring to when talking about mystical card album (Mystical card album is miniboss only).

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I like this Idea

Collecting X amount of Album for an UCA

Reason why Bloody Branch won't be a dead content is because we still need different MVP drops for quest and what not. 

I.e pocket watch.


We just need to figure out right ratio 

Maybe 500 OCA + 100m = 1 UCA

Something like that 🤷‍♂️

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