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Perry the Platypus

Server Updates (April 18, 2020)

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Hi everyone! I had some extra time to work on a quick update, so we've got a bunch of new custom cards today, as well as some changes to Freyja's Ascent. :D


Server Updates


Update: New cards have been added

-Freyja's Ascent cards have a 2% drop rate per party member (3% per party member in nightmare mode)


-King Poring Card - Headgear - +15%/30% MDef penetration vs Boss/Non-Boss, -10% magic damage to players, [Mage] +2 Int
-King of the Abyss Card - Weapon - +30% physical damage to Boss, +5% Crit when compounded to a bloody weapon, -5% max SP
-Dark Guardian Card - Weapon - Ignore non-Boss Def, +5% physical damage to all classes
-Glacial Serpent Card - Shield - +25% resistance to all races, -25% resistance to players, +3 Def/MDef
-Snow Gryphon Card - Weapon - +25% physical damage to all classes, -25% physical damage to players, +5 Crit
-Dark Beholder Card - Weapon - +20% Crit damage, +10 Crit
-Mystic Butterfly Card - Weapon - +2 Int, [Mage, Soul Linker, Ninja] +2% MDef penetration vs Boss/Non-Boss
-Frozen Butterfly Card - Accessory - +1 Crit for every 10 Luk
-Fallen Soul Card - Footgear - +10% max HP, +1 Dex
-Frost Centipede Card - Garment - +5% long range resistance, +5% physical damage to all classes
-Freezing Card - Accessory - Small chance to drop Green Salad, Lutie Lady's Pancake, and Mastela Fruit Wine when killing monsters

Update: Enchanted Bloody Branch cost has been reduced from 100m -> 50m
Update: King of the Abyss now has a low chance to spawn from Enchanted Bloody Branches
Update: King of the Abyss now has a low chance to spawn during MVP Invasions
Update: King Poring Card, King of the Abyss Card, and Dark Guardian Card can now be obtained from Upgraded Card Albums
Update: Adjusted resistances for all monsters in Freyja's Ascent (generally speaking, magic damage will be slightly lower, physical damage will be slightly higher)
Update: Freyja's Ascent difficulty scaling for nightmare mode has been reduced from 30% -> 25% per additional party member
Update: Base rare loot chance for Freyja's Ascent has been increased from 25% -> 30% in nightmare mode
Update: Slightly increased the drop rates for Brocca, Mysteltainn, Excalibur, and Thorn Staff of Darkness in Freyja's Ascent when unlocked
Update: Base chance for a secondary resist enchant has been increased from 12.5% -> 15% in Freyja's Ascent nightmare mode
Update: Bloody Rifle can now be crafted by speaking to Dhorfel in the Adventurer's Guild Hall armory
Bugfix: Fixed a crash that occur when using @restock
Bugfix: Fixed WoE SE castles not requiring Zeny to invest in defense if the castle's defense level was already 96 or higher




Buff: Bloody Blade's Boss damage bonus has been increased from 50% -> 60%

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