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Perry the Platypus

Server Updates (Feb 20, 2020)

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Just a quick update today to adjust some of the BG match times! The KotH and Flag Runner changes were already in as a temporary hotfix, but they're being noted in this announcement as they're now implemented as permanent changes.


Also, this will be the last "scheduled"/planned server update for the time being. Unfortunately the server has been losing money for a while now and is no longer financially viable as a job (I've been paying the expenses out of my own pocket), so I'm not able to prioritize working on it without it having a negative impact on my own situation/future. I will continue to pay for its hosting as this server was never supposed to be about the money anyway, so the server isn't shutting down, but I won't be officially working on updates aside from possibly some smaller changes when free time allows. I may return to active development at a later date if/when it becomes financially viable, though I'm of course not able to offer any kind of a timeline for that at this time. Until then though, the server will stay up as mentioned, and I'll continue to monitor its stability and work on any necessary bug fixes as usual. :D


Server Updates


Update: King of the Hill and Flag Runner's win conditions have been reduced from 90 points -> 80 points
Update: Carrying the flag in Flag Runner will now give a point every 4 seconds instead of every 6 seconds
Update: Team Deathmatch now starts with 50 lives per team instead of 70
Update: All BG modes that have a time limit (Team Deathmatch, Flag Runner, etc) have had it reduced from 15 minutes -> 12 minutes
Update: Bossnia MVPs now have 35% resistance to magic damage
Update: Bossnia MVPs have had their HP increased slightly (note that this does NOT affect any MVPs outside of Battlegrounds)
-RSX 0806: 2m -> 4m
-Gloom Under Night: 4m -> 5.5m
-Valkyrie Randgris: 6m -> 7m
-Garm: 8m -> 8.5m
-Satan Morroc: 10m (unchanged)




Nerf: Kaizel can no longer be used on objective holders in Battlegrounds

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