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Perry the Platypus

Server Updates (Jan 23, 2020)

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Custom Battlegrounds modes are finally here! We've added two new modes specifically designed for 4v4 matches, both taking place on an exclusive custom map, as well as reduced the queue requirements for a couple of the default modes to make it easier to get BG started during the times that not as many people are on. :D


Server Updates


Update: New Battlegrounds modes have been added (wiki page has been updated with a summary of the new modes)
-King of the Hill - requires 8 players to start
-Flag Runner - requires 8 players to start
Update: Bossnia and Team Deathmatch have been updated to only require 8 players to start
Update: Battlegrounds matches will now provide an announcement at the beginning of each mode giving a brief explanation of the objectives
Misc: Battlegrounds modes will now rotate every 60 seconds instead of every 120 seconds while in queue
Misc: Battlegrounds queue announcements will now only occur once every 5 minutes if no one is in queue
Bugfix: Fixed a rare bug that could cause unfair class distribution in some cases when an uneven number of duo queues were in the Battlegrounds queue
Bugfix: Fixed a number of minor text errors in Battlegrounds

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