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Anomaly in Lhz_dun04 ( Needs to be Fixed or Not? )

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Despite trying to kill some stalkers to somehow restore balance to the spawns of other mobs in lhz_dun04, I noticed an anomaly. The number of mobs on the map still has a very low population. Yes, I have dedicated a few minutes just to holy cross those stalkers hoping to see different lhz mobs. But after using @jump for countless times I have been warped to darker side of the map, you wont see yourself where it is in the map but assuming you are not able to see where,  you are probably in the outermost part of the map. Point is, you kill some of the mobs and there's a small chance that they respawn in this area. I've traveled a long journey to kill as much as I can ( You can probably go around the whole map, but I only probably did 30% ) 


On 9/12/2019 at 5:25 PM, Perry the Platypus said:

To give some insight into how the spawning system works, there's 100 mobs total on the map

 According to Perry, there's 100 mobs all in all.  I mean It's obvious that there's gonna be more stalkers in the area but some of the other mobs that are easier to kill are in the dark side hiding.  After wiping the mobs in the dark side, I noticed a dramatic change in the presence of mobs in lhz_dun04. Because yea, before, you didn't know where they are, because they were hiding. But after wiping them, they have been sent back to the middle part ( the actual, visible map ).



Disable spawning of mobs around this area of the map so instead they will be scattered all over the map instead. Or anything.


For Reference

Please warp to @warp lhz_dun04 298 218 or @warp lhz_dun 145 298


Update: I actually just noticed that some of the screenshots are duplicates. But yea, I wasnt able to screenshot some because I was sooooo determined to wipe them all LMAO













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+1, I don't like this secret guild tucked away in the shadows. I need all of them to come at me at once! 



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