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The Definite Guide for Paladins in lhz_dun04

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The reason why I chose Paladin for this method of farming because it's easier.



Skills Needed:




It doesnt make much of a difference if you use the shield buffs because everybody there dies in one click or in a blink of an eye anyway.


Stuffs Needed:

Pretty much just some 2 Tao gunkas on any armor and a Pike with 2 turtle gens and 2 hydra.



Strong Shield w/ 2 Thara Frog Cards (for the knockbacks like AoE magic) or just use valk shields if you're too lazy.



500 Vit, enough agi for 193 attack speed, remaining stats throw it anywhere but preferably STR.



* 100% no button mashing 

* Kill 2-4 Mobs before having the need to replenish HP/SP.

* Spend less YGG berries

* No need to worry about changing elements/verts.

* No worries about reflect



Just aim to have 4 to 4.9m Max HP. There are other a lot cards that helps you boost Max HP. Although I did test, the difference of pursuing this goal does make a a bit of a difference in terms of sacrifice damage ( but not that much )

You can pretty much farm the same without making too much effort with the cards.


Just use Sacrifice on everyone and ignore the stalkers because you will miss. So thats pretty much it!






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Simple and sweet, but pls kill the stalkers. I recommend using Holy Cross with bonus dmg vs ghost targets against the stalkers as they're ghost element 3. Please kill the stalkers or they'll be the only mob that's left! it's how the respawn system works. So don't skip out on them!!



Incantation Samurai, Hydra, 2 Turtle Generals on a +8~10 Pike (even +4 is ok if you got nothing else), and of course with STR for damage mod

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So the respawn system is different here huh. No wonder i see a LOT of Stalkers. Like a ridiculous amount, compare to the other mobs LOL

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To give some insight into how the spawning system works, there's 100 mobs total on the map. When one dies, the system will select a class (and style) at random to replace it with, so when a Whitesmith is killed for example, it won't necessarily be replaced with another Whitesmith. The rate of each class should be roughly the same per spawn, but if most players are skipping a particular mob (in this case Stalkers), the map will slowly fill up with them until someone clears them out.

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