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Perry the Platypus

Server Updates (Sept 5, 2019)

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Hey everyone! Big update today with some new PvM content! You can now upgrade your garments and Battlegrounds armor by farming Mithril Ore in lhz_dun04, with the armors having a bunch of unique effects to choose from! We've also implemented some new changes to help newbies with getting settled into the server, as a lot of them are unaware of some of the features that are available to them if they don't check the wiki before playing. Anyways, check out the details below!

Server Updates


Update: Battlegrounds armors can now be upgraded by speaking to Vulkan in the Adventurer's Guild Armory (ag_hall01 38 162)
-Each Battlegrounds armor upgrades into 3 Elite variants, with a cost of 100 Mithril Ore for each update
-Upgrading a Battlegrounds armor into an Elite armor will reduce the current refine level by 2
-Elite armors will only be refined to +6 when using a Refine Ticket

- See the wiki page for more information about the armors
Update: Garments can now be upgraded by speaking to Vulkan in the Adventurer's Guild Armory (ag_hall01 38 162)
-Upgrading a garment costs 50 Mithril Ore and will add 1% max HP per refine to its effect
-ALL garments can be upgraded, regardless of whether or not they're custom
-Upgrading a garment will NOT reduce its refine level
Update: Custom player monsters have been added to lhz_dun04
-Each monster drops 1 Mithril Ore and 1 Treasure Box
-Killing 100 monsters will earn a bonus of 100 Mithril Ore once per day
-Adventurer's Guild access is NOT required to enter the dungeon, so any account can be used to farm Mithril Ore
Update: New headgears have been added


Monster Drops (lhz_dun04)
-Custom_Cat_Ear_Ribbon [60780]
-Custom Demon Mask [60071]
-Custom_Royal_Mantle [60781]
-Custom_Stall_Of_Angel [60779]
-Custom Sword Master Crown [60504]
-C._Tamamo_Loas_Fox_Ears [60778]
-Custom_White_Ornate_Scarf [60782]
-Custom_Wonderful_Beast_Ear [60783]

Update: The Battlegrounds Ladder will now apply a 30% points penalty to players in duo queues
Update: Bounty spawn rate has been slightly increased, Tao Gunka bounty spawn rate slightly reduced to compensate as it had the highest rate in the previous spawn list
Update: Bounty spawn announcements will now include the reward for killing the MVP
Update: The cost to transfer headgear enchantments has been reduced from 20 MCs -> 15 MCs
Update: Added an hourly tips announcement, mainly covering info that would be useful to newer players
-These announcements can be hidden with @bcfilter if you'd rather not see them
Update: Added a one-time reminder when characters reach level 300 that leveling in Forgotten Forest is recommended to get some Zeny along the way as well
Misc: Removed noteleport mapflag from ama_dun01
Misc: Lord of Death will now spawn a tombstone after being killed
Misc: Made some minor tweaks to a few of the NPC dialogues in the newbie tutorial




Update: Battlegrounds match history will now show which players were duo queued with each other (this will only apply to new matches)

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Awesome update!

Great new mobs. Good thing we can't kill fellow farmers in there, cause it is downright confusing XD

But that's part of the fun, imo

Looking forward to more PvE /gg

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