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The BG Zodiac

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Posted (edited)

These are the people who make or break Battlegrounds.



The Fire Starter. The brave (or bored) players who light the BG fire (or at least try) by being the first to @autobg or @joinbg
They urge the rest of the playerbase to join, unfortunately, success is not guaranteed.



“@autobg or @die
“@autobg for free UCA”
“@autobg, I’ll give you free <insert ridiculous-bribe-everyone-is-going-to-ignore here>”



This headstrong guy simply does what he wants in BG.
Imagine trying to stop a rampaging bull in its tracks, that’s how reasonable this guy is.
It’s not like he’s new to BG or doesn’t know the objectives, it’s just that he’s doing whatever and leaves his teammates mystified (‘cause it just doesn’t make sense @[email protected])

This also includes deserting his comrades mid-battle (but let's not judge lest it be a player who unwillingly got disconnected.)

Who in their right mind leaves BG of their own volition anyway?
/hmm… I suppose he’s just not a team player, let’s leave it at that.



“I don’t care for your instructions, you know where to shove it, Imma do my thing.”



Duo queued or not these are the guys who are so synchronized they might as well share one brain.
Sometimes it’s not just a pair but a group of them and you can practically taste the victory, just seeing how well they work together.
But win or lose, these are the guys that inspire players to work as a team for the common goal and inflames the warrior within you to keep on fighting long after the UCA has dropped.



You’re looking for catch phrase? 
There isn’t any. 
Because we’re all too fired up and it’s the middle of a battle, that’s why! 
Join us or shut it.



The Cancer of BG. These are the guys who basically destroy the fun for other players.
It could be anything from something as minor as syntax to their attitude and play-style, these kinds of guys drive you crazy enough to think about quitting the match.
Here are some examples:
Campers/Kill Farmers: Newbies beware. These are the guys who seem to have the uncanny ability to hone in on a flimsy target and dispatch them in a snap. They don’t go for any objective, assist, or anything; they’re just there to kill. Maybe it’s for the Gladiator, who knows?

Traitors: The teammate who sabotages the team. This often happens accidentally due to position lag, bad clicking aim, horrible lag spikes, etc. Such examples include, but are not limited to: eternally sanc'ing the flag in Bossnia, healing and buffing the enemies and debuffing allies.
Trolls: Call them what you like, these are the annoying ones who may or may not intentionally make the battle difficult for a fired up warrior.
I mean they could be small annoyances, but seriously, you wish they wouldn’t do that.



Flag bearer inner thoughts:
/omg !!
The enemy is breathing down my neck and teammate has traps on all 3 entrances to the base! 
[email protected]#[email protected]#$%$^@#!!!!
Never mind…
I’m dead



The kings (and queens?) of BG. These are the players with the initiative to roar out instructions and have enough leadership behind their words to make the team see sense.
They’re seasoned warriors well-versed in the art of war tried by the fires of BG and tempered by the ice of WoE.



“Pally, stay with me”
“Bio, don’t mind AD, just PP the Pally”
“SL, keep the Bio linked”
“Everyone else, focus on <insert name here> then the <insert job here> and the <another job here>”
“They’ll go down if we eliminate <insert famous person here>”



The breath of fresh air. These are the players who dedicate their time and invest their BG stakes on the team.
They often go full support, but can also make some annoying moves to trip up or delay the opponents, thus giving their own team an edge.
Unfortunately, this makes them easy targets and woe to them when they don’t have any tricks up their sleeves to fend their attackers off.



“Why kill me? I’m just a harmless <insert job here>”
Killer/s: “Not when you’re healing/buffing your team to high heaven, you’re not.”



The judgement caller, the person who gives his vocal opinion after looking over the members on his team. 
Verdicts can vary from: 
"/gg we got this" 
 "... @die" 
may also include 
"/sigh... snipers" 
He may be right, but there are circumstances that call for discretion, such as to keep the flagging spirits of the newbie BG'er from spiralling down even further and quitting the BG scene altogether.



Injustice: I only speak the truth!
Swordie: You’re not helping!!! Newbie, don’t mind him.
Novice = Newbie teammate
Zealotus = Other teammates
Priest = The other team



The tactical eliminators. Not to be mistaken for Crabs, these guys kill for a purpose.
They are the ones doing the dirty work in order to ensure that their team gets and maintains the upper hand.
IDK, maybe you should be flattered if you find yourself spinning at their feet ‘cause they deemed you enough of a threat to require their attention. 
Even more so if they actually need to gang up on you.



Or maybe you’re just cannon fodder XD


The specialists who contribute greatly to the win/lose balance of a match.
They are the breakers of Rush, the trappers, webbers and runners of CTF and SC
In short, these are the guys who inspire confidence in the team by their mere presence.
The person the team rally around, asking, “Do we have a <insert job here>?”


Like a mascot XD


Is that you?

The charge ahead person who simply goes for the BG objectives and doesn't care about anything else.
This guy is focused on only two things; the objective and how to get them efficiently.



No time to talk.
This warrior is on FIRE!



The untouchables, as elusive as water.
Whether you're supporting them or killing them, these are the guys that are soooo hard to click.
Unfortunately they are skilful and greatly impact the outcome of the battle so you really need to either keep them healthy and strong, or you have the sad job of killing them before they tilt the score too far out of your team’s reach.



Enemy team:

     “Stop jumping around and let me kill you! Grrrowwwlll!”


     “@$#^%*(# Will you stay still long enough so I can buff you!!!”



The Kouhai, new to BG and out of their element, much like… well, a fish out of water, floundering over what to do, where to go and such.
On the brighter side, there’s no other way to go but up.



Don’t be discouraged, even if you do get eaten, Baby Shark.
And once you’ve grown big and strong,
Be like the Senpais who’ve helped you along and pay it forward.


Shout out to the Senpais /gg
You know who you are, I am grateful for your wisdom and kind words.
You may not know me, but I know you have helped a lot of newbies both in and out of Battlegrounds.
It is an honor to fight alongside and a nightmare opposite you XD

Edited by Bob
Added a few details on Minorous and Crab, thanks Holy

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I wish we had more people like you on this server Bob. These creative topics are beautiful.

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Thanks, Senpai.

I'm sure we have a lot of creative players, you included, they just manifest in different ways.

Tho, I must admit I'm out of topics now, except for the boring farming stuff...

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Oh, those are  the Minorous, who for some mystical reason are either AFK, or really just doing their own thing, deserting BG included. Because honestly, if you're a deserter, you really are the worst non-team-player, right up there with the Crab who's boosting the enemy team (tho I don't think I've seen a guy like that yet, at least not here)


Otherwise, that disappearing player got disconnected. If that's the case, let's not hold it against him, cause it could happen to anyone of us (yeah, i got DC in the middle of battle too and when I rejoined, I ended up in the other team, which actually won and for some reason I felt more guilty than lucky /swt

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Posted (edited)
15 hours ago, Bob said:

if you're a deserter, you really are the worst non-team-player


15 hours ago, iAloneAmHoly said:

How bout the "<insert ign> has left the game" guys LOL

BG is fun when suddenly it's TDM and your entire team says no and they just sit waiting to die or log out.


15 hours ago, Bob said:

Crab who's boosting the enemy team

if you do see someone like that, report it. record it if you can too. there are people like that or at least there used to be, lots of people disappeared lately 



16 hours ago, Bob said:

I'm sure we have a lot of creative players, you included, they just manifest in different ways.



We used to have people advertise GR (in-game in all-chat) in really creative ways, a couple of those made me join just because of how funny the advertisement was.



Edited by Kratos Fon Fabre

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On 7/31/2019 at 2:51 AM, Kratos Fon Fabre said:

if you do see someone like that, report it.

Unfortunately Senpai, we don't have a chance /sob

(at least, not lately)

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