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Another Zeny Sinking Mechanism

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I would like to suggest a "Monthly Headgear Box" that only obtainable by spending (read: gambling) MCs. 

The objectives is to create balance between hard core grinders and donators, so that the economy will be running smoothly. There will be people EARNING money, and there will be people SPENDING money.



Let's say the box is costing you about 20MCs per box. Depending on your RNGesus luck, you might get one of this : common, rare, super rare, or extremely rare HGs.... if you get the common, you will lose your gambling money. If you get the extremely rare one, you will make more money.
Basically the RNGesus thing is the only ONE FACTOR that affects your investment (the gambling money xD). No skills required, pure luck system implied.



These are my rough ideas about the RNGesus chances :
1. 50% Common HGs - sellable for not more than <10b
2. 40% Rare HGs - sellable for 10-45b
3. 7% Super Rare HGs - sellable for 45-60b
4. 1% Extremely Rare HGs - sellable for >60b or more



(or you can call it as an ADVERTISEMENT)

We can change the whole gambling outcome every month. So every month, there will be an update news in AnomalyRO patcher saying "this is what you can get from July Monthly Box blah blah blah, click here for more information" and when players click on that link, they will read the information on forum. Perhaps including the pictures as well. This will create the demand for the marketplace. 


And also, changing the box outcome on monthly basis will motivate people to farm for MCs immediately if they want something in one particular month, because they know they are not going to get it if they wait for the next month (to create the sense of urgency).... 



I see this as an opportunity to make GR running all the time. 
The donation-oriented players will help the server to financially sustain.
The hard-core grinders will help the server alive.

And I think that's balance.

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This wouldn't change the fact that new players still have no access to MCs outside of multiple (typically older) player's willingness to actually participate in Gold Room parties.


We could implement every motivational idea under the sun, but if a new player can't make their own in a server unless he brings along at least 4 ~10 friends or just an entire guild, it's going to stifle the amount and type of people that are willing to even stay on the server post day 1.


Please note that: Enchants already made MC the most valued currency on the server.


Combine that with the fact that every older player is geared and, generally speaking, currently has no reason to be in GR aside from tossing away zeny to RNGesus which said enchants already covers quite well, it effectively leaves new players SoL.


Even with a hat gambling system, it'll only appeal to a niche audience in the first place, and of those people how many of them have the MC to spend on such a thing? Probably none, as they'd not be in GR in the first place, thus no one has any MC, and everything remains standing still.


There is more than 7 trillion zeny on the server currently. And newbies have no access to any of it, nor making their own without said individuals posessing this grandeur amount of zeny bothering to lend them a hand.



Just let that last bit sink in and you start to realize why we can't hold new players for very long, not to mention the state of the economy as a whole.

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Unless you host gr and not just join or if you ask "how many in gr" before joining, with the current zeny situation you have no base to sustain your zeny sinking suggestion.

And yes, i know most people fit in the only join never host and the "how many in gr" question is asked pretty often.


Knowing pretty much no one except me, charmi and jess host GRs in the past ??? months i can't support this thread.

Currently the server doesn't need more zeny sinks, it needs more people willing to host GRs to get it started for the newbies.

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i'll grind for it if it has rainbow disco deadmau5 33777 item ID no kappa mi serious

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