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Game Exe's Not Latest Version

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Someone Help Me I always Open the Patcher for Anomaly But when i Start the game and Log in , Its Said that Game Exe's File is not the Latest Version , Anyone has the same problem ?

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Posted (edited)

I haven't had the issue myself, but here are some common solutions you should try out:

1. If you installed Anomaly in the same folder as another RO server, try deleting it and installing it into its own, empty folder and then patching the game from scratch.

2. Use the full installer, don't patch over existing kro/sakray files. (Who knows why it might break, but RO is an old game.)

3. Another server might be causing issues when launching Anomaly if you have 2 of them open. Try closing any other servers first and opening Anomaly by itself.

4. Make sure AnomalyRO and its Patcher aren't blocked by your antivirus/firewall, as it may not be downloading everything that it needs to run the game properly.

5. Delete any existing AnomalyRO files, and download the Full Client instead, as it contains the full game already prepared to play. All you need to do is extract the game files from the downloaded package into a new folder (Can be on your desktop or wherever you prefer) and then open it via the patcher.

If all else fails, try sending a private forum message to @Perry the Platypus, he'll get your problem sorted out.

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Yuji covered the main steps already, but just as an additional step, if you receive this error even after patching a fresh install (or if it starts happening again after a few hours/days), you may want to run a virus/malware scan on your computer. We had a case in the past where a player's computer was infected with a virus that attached itself to every .exe it could find on their computer, including our client, which ended up being detected as a modified client.

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