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Perry the Platypus

Custom Client Recorder

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As posted in today's update announcement, our client now has a fully integrated client recorder! This is currently considered to be in open beta status, meaning it's expected that some bugs may come up, though we've tried to fix as many as possible during closed beta.


This recorder is different from the typical RO recorder, because ours will output to an MP4 file rather than a file that only the RO client can read. This means it can easily be shared with others / uploaded to YouTube, and also that recordings can't be broken by future updates.


Hopefully this update will make it easier for players to share their experiences on the server!


Of course, as anyone that's actually tried using recording software before probably already knows, getting the settings right for decent recording can be pretty complicated. I've tried to set it up to use reasonable quality settings depending on the user's CPU, but it will likely need some tweaking, which we will try to do in upcoming patches as we receive feedback from everyone!

You can check out the Client Recording wiki page for more info, which also includes some details on manually tweaking the quality settings, if you would like to do so, as well as some other settings like enabling/disabling the recording of audio (both output and input audio).


If you run into any issues, or if the default quality settings don't work for you, you can help us out by sending the following:

-The corresponding log file found in <aRO Folder>/video/log/ which will have the same name as the video file

-The recording_log.txt file found in your AnomalyRO folder, if it exists

-Your anomaly_record.cfg file as it was at the time of the issue, found in your AnomalyRO folder

-A description of the issue that you're experiencing, with as many details as possible

-(Optional) A working anomaly_record.cfg file, if you find settings that resolve the issue

-(Optional) An example video file, if you think it would help clarify the issue


Anyways, that about covers it! Happy recording!

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