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Nydhruva B

Cannot Launch Game

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Hello! You may check out our Wiki (specifically the Frequently Asked Questions) for more information.


For your problem specifically, you can try the following:

"This error is usually caused by missing or outdated drivers, or misconfigured graphics settings. The first thing to try is run opensetup.exe as an administrator and ensure that the Graphics Device and Resolution settings have both been set. To run Open Setup as admin, right click it and select 'Run as administrator," or you can make this change permanent by right clicking, selecting Properties, going to the Compatibility tab and enabling 'Run this program as an administrator.'

If both these settings are blank and have no available options, try downloading and installing the DirectX Runtime files from Microsoft, as well as updating your graphics card drivers, then run Open Setup again and check if options are now available.

In some cases, you may also be able to fix this error by opening the AnomalyRO Settings app and enable "Override Window Settings." Once you've enabled this setting, just set the desired height and width and you should be able to run the client. This overrides the standard client settings and sometimes allows the client to run normally. You can also enable borderless or full screen mode instead, which will also have the same effect.


3rd party solution: If the above solutions don't work, some players have fixed this problem by using DirectX Control Panel. Run dxcpl_x86.exe, go to the 'Direct Draw' tab, and enable 'use hardware acceleration.' After doing this, run Open Setup again and check if the settings are now available. Please note that as this is 3rd party software, we do not provide support for this solution, and cannot take responsibility for any changes the software makes. We've only included it because other players have reported success with this method when other solutions have failed."


Let me know if you still encounter problems after this c:

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I see that both settings are set in the setup menu. I've used NVIDIA GeForce RTX2070 Direct 3D HAL for Graphics device and set my resolution to 2560x1440x32. Despite this it doesnt work. I've run the app as admin and ensured these changes have taken effect. I've also installed the DirectX runtime files from Microsoft and it still doesn't work. Please advise on next steps.

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Hi! Sorry for the delay - can you try setting the resolution to 1920x1080 or smaller? The RO client actually has a limit to the resolution it can render at - if setting it to a smaller one works then I'll need to look into it a bit further and see if it's possible to remove that limit from the client, but unfortunately I can't provide an ETA on this yet as I'm not entirely sure how the limit is applied. Playing on a smaller window size should hopefully act as a workaround for now though.


Opening the AnomalyRO Settings app (or clicking Settings in the patcher) and changing the Display Mode to Borderless or Full Screen may fix the issue as well while allowing a larger resolution, though I'm not 100% sure if it'll work for you (it does seem to work when running my monitor at 1440p, though it doesn't natively support that resolution so I'm not sure if it might act differently on other monitors).

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