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error 0xc000007b

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I am new and wanted to start playing on this server with my friends, but this error appears after opening the game. I tried several things to correct that error, but none of them worked.




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Hi, unfortunately the cause of this error is somewhat difficult to narrow down, though I think the first thing to try in this case would be changing your system locale. We've had a couple players in the past that fixed this same error message by doing so (I'm not entirely sure what causes this as I can change to different system locales without issue on my system).


To change your system locale, open up the Start Menu and type "Region," then hit Enter to open the Region settings. Go to the Administrative tab, and under "Language for non-Unicode programs" click "Change system locale," then select English (United States). After restarting your computer you can try starting the client again to see if it works. If the error still shows up you can change the system locale back to the old setting.


As a note, if the above Start Menu search doesn't work, you can also get to the Region settings via PC Settings. You'll need to translate this to your system language, but the path to that is PC Settings -> Time & Language -> Language and then click "Administrative language settings" on the right.


If changing the system locale doesn't work, can you check if a file named crash_log.txt exists in your AnomalyRO folder, and if so post that here as well?

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