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Perry the Platypus

Server Updates (May 7, 2019)

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Hi! Today we've got some adjustments to Battlegrounds, a few balancing changes, and a bunch of quality of life tweaks.


Server Updates


Update: The Battlegrounds Ladder will now factor in win/loss ratio (+3 points a for win, -3 points for a loss)
Update: The Battlegrounds Ladder will now put more weight on objectives in CTF, EoS, Bossnia, Conquest, Rush, and Triple Inferno


CTF/EoS: 8 -> 10 points per flag capture

Bossnia: 3 -> 5 points per MVP kill

Conquest/Rush: 8 -> 10 points per Emperium break

Triple Inferno: 2 -> 1 point per kill, 0 -> 1 point per skull

Update: The Battlegrounds Ladder no longer gives 2 points per kill in Domination, unless the kills occur inside a base
Update: The Battlegrounds role balancing system has been updated to improve class distribution in a wider range of queue compositions (this will be updated again in a later update to cover a few remaining exceptions as well)
Update: Battle Potions can now be purchased from the Donation Shop for a price of 100 Donation Credits per box of 20
Update: Level 5 Fire Wall Scroll base price has been reduced from 60m -> 25m (19m discounted) in the Convenience Shop
Update: Added Barricade Repair Kits and Guardian Stone Repair Kits to the Bulk Crafting NPC
Update: Added Barricade Repair Kits and Guardian Stone Repair Kits to the Donation Shop for 5 DCs each
Update: The Gold Room event now spawns 4 additional glowing Gold Porings that will continue to respawn until the event ends
Misc: Custom headgear shops and the Previewer now display links to each shop's wiki page for easier previewing
Misc: Added a client notification for the Battlegrounds queue's one minute inactivity notice (it'll flash at you before it kicks you now, rather than only after you've already been kicked)
Bugfix: Fixed Battlegrounds monsters not being immune to status effects
Bugfix: Fixed @whosell and @whobuy showing an incorrect price range with higher priced items in some cases




Just to give some quick context to the Wall of Fog change, we decided that rather than simply nerfing it, we would change it to be affected by the caster's stats while capping it at the old value. This allows Professors to choose to sacrifice some damage to get the old Wall of Fog effect, and helps to differentiate a bit between support builds and pure DPS builds instead of being able to do both at the same time.
Also, we've given Stalkers some tweaks to make it a bit less punishing to use bow/magic builds, without directly buffing the already effective Str builds.


Nerf: Wall of Fog's dodge chance has been reduced from a flat 75% -> (5 + (BaseLuk/6))%, capped to 75%
Buff: Chase Walk's stat bonus now grants Str, Dex, or Int, depending on what the caster's highest base stat is, rather than always giving Str
Buff: Chase Walk's stat bonus duration can now be refreshed if it's already in effect, instead of needing to wait for it to end before triggering it again
Buff: Back Stab's damage penalty when using a bow has been removed
Buff: Back Stab's Deep Wound status no longer has reduced effectiveness when using a bow (chance to inflict is still reduced)
Bugfix: Fixed Elixir of Recovery not working correctly while walking
Bugfix: Fixed Elixir of Soul Steal working on non-living objects (Fire Pillars don't have souls)

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