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Perry the Platypus

Server Updates (April 16, 2019)

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Hi there! Today we've got a new batch of headgears, some tweaks to the new potions, and a few bug fixes and QoL changes to go with them.


Server Updates


Update: New headgears have been added


Dark Lord Mask
Despero Mask
Dolor Mask
Drooping Pikachu
Ducky Hat
Dumpling Hat
Panda Tower
Spongebob Box


Brown Beast Ears
Black and Blue Rune Saiyajin
Clay Poring Jar
Cute Ears
Garden Watcher Wings
Lady Bug Wings
Pink Pantie Hat
Sorcerer Hat
Winter Wizard Hat
Brown Yoko Mimi


Custom Ancient Horns
Custom Protect of Crown
Custom Scuba Mask
Custom Stardust Hairband
Custom Aqua Ten Gallon Hat
Custom Flaming Ten Gallon Hat
Custom Lolita Ten Gallon Hat
Custom Thorny Hairband
Custom You in ONE


Custom Angel Veil
Custom Classical Feather Hat
Custom Dark Night Veil
Custom Little Feather Hat
Custom Magic Stone Hat
Custom Magical Feather
C. Pocketwatch Hair Ornament
C. Rainbow Feather Decoration
Custom Rose Hairband
Custom Blue Rose Ornament
Custom Star Reading Hat

Update: Battle Potions have had their price reduced from 5 -> 3 Battlegrounds Tickets each (price for box of 20 reduced from 75 -> 50)
Update: Level 5 Fire Wall scroll's base price has been reduced from 75m -> 60m (45m discounted) in the Convenience Shop
Update: Added @storetype and @gstoretype commands to store all items of a specified type
Bugfix: @whosell and @whobuy will now properly take the shop currency into account when displaying price ranges
Bugfix: Fixed castle drop fragments not being sent if a castle's Emperium was never broken




Buff: Elixir of Healing's heal bonus has been increased from 5% -> 10%
Bugfix: Fixed a bug that was causing Elixir of Healing to affect enemy targets as well
Buff: Elixir of Recovery's recovery rate has been increased from 0.5%/5s -> 1%/5s
Buff: Battle Potion effects will no longer be lost on death
Bugfix: Fixed Battle Potions lasting 10 minutes instead of 5
Buff(?): Elixirs have had their official duration increased from 5 minutes -> 10 minutes (this is actually unchanged from the last update, it just means that it's not longer considered a bug and won't be reduced)

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On 4/16/2019 at 4:15 PM, Perry the Platypus said:

Bugfix: Fixed Battle Potions lasting 10 minutes instead of 5

there still 5 minutes just to let you know. i thought someone would point this out already but no one using them I guess except me

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They're supposed to be 5 minutes. The bug was that they were lasting 10 minutes when they should have been lasting 5, so this does nerf their duration, though this update is still a buff for Battle Potions overall since they're no longer lost on death.

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