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Perry the Platypus

Server Updates (March 5, 2019)

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When life gives you server crashes, make...server crash-ade? It wasn't supposed to be an update day today so there's just a few things, but this is what had been prepped for the next update already. :D


Server Updates


Bugfix: Fixed a server crash that could occur when casting Ka- buffs on a non-player target




Buff: Peco movement speed has been increased to +20 when not holding a Battlegrounds objective (picking up a Battlegrounds objective will reduce it back to +15)
Buff: Soul Linkers now receive the 25% transcendent class HP bonus (other extended classes will be eligible for this when they receive balancing passes)
Nerf: Kaizel now has a 30s delay after the target is revived before the Soul Linker can cast it on a new target while unlinked
Misc: Kaizel can no longer be cast on enemy targets
Bugfix: Fixed a bug that only allowed one of the Soul Linker's Ka- buffs to be applied to a target at a time

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