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Change Gold Room Description

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This is not really a big issue to highlight, but I still wanting to point this out as I think if we could change this, it will bring a huge impact towards the server. 



I found out that some new players still doesn't understand the basic idea of "Each monster you kill will give you an amount of Gold equal to half of your party size". They tend to grind solo ASAP and refuse party invitation thinking that grinding solo equal to more focus bla bla bla. It's hard to make justification to these kind of people why grinding gold room with friends is way better than grinding alone, it's time consuming to do the talking, and worst is not everyone will listen... They will never know how beneficial the mechanism is, unless they tried


Describing bonus system in gold room in long sentence IMO made new players skip reading and neglect their possible advantage. Or even if they read, big chances the statement goes in one ear and out the other. They don't even bother to think what that actually means. Spending merely 2 seconds to think for their own self is a big no no for a person who is full with adrenaline wanting to explore the entire server feature at once.


Make it simpler : "Gather your friends, for every 2 party members = +1 gold/ kill"


Encourage new players to involve themselves in ARo community, yes.

Took less than 1 second to understand, yes.

Less word and less reading, also yes.

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I think our descriptions in-game and Wiki pages are already sufficient. I understand where you're coming from. Unfortunately, it's not within our control whether or not the player takes the time to understand things correctly. Yes, it's frustrating when you meet players like this but miscommunications would still happen even if the descriptions are short and concise, because there are lack of details. Which explains why we tend to make our descriptions in complete sentences.


I would say no to this suggestion as you mentioned in your post - it's not a big issue.

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I personally prefer the wording we're currently using and I think it does explain the mechanic clearly enough. The issue you're seeing would more likely be players not reading the text at all which, unfortunately, is something that would happen regardless of how we worded it. :(

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