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Perry the Platypus

GM Applications (January-February 2019)

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Applications can be posted as replies to this topic. If you would like to apply anonymously, please feel free to send your application to me directly in a forum PM.


Please note that if you have previously applied for a GM position, you must submit an updated application if you are still interested in joining the team.



  • 10 hours/week activity
  • Fluency in English
  • General knowledge of Ragnarok Online
  • Calm and friendly personality


Other Assets

  • Experience hosting events


Required Info

  • In-game name(s)
  • Age
  • Location
  • Time zone
  • Fluent languages
  • Typical online times (based on server time)
  • Preferred role (support or event)
  • Previous GM experience
  • Reason for applying


Please feel free to include any additional info about yourself - the more we know the easier it is to make our choice! You can include anything you want beyond the required info; this is simply the minimum that we need for a valid application.


Also note that candidates for interviews will be based on the current needs of the team, which will vary each time we take in applications. If you don't get picked this time around, you're always more than welcome to post a new application the next time we're hiring!

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  • In-game name(s) : Mariz
  • Age: 20
  • Location: Ph
  • Time zone: gmt +8
  • Fluent languages : english, tagalog
  • Typical online times (based on server time) : almost 24hrs
  • Preferred role (support or event): event
  • Previous GM experience: no
  • Reason for applying: i want to give an enjoyment and exicting event and prevent the afk in the caspen thankyou

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  • In-game name(s) : Cumi
  • Age : 27
  • Location : Malaysia
  • Time zone : GMT +8
  • Fluent languages : English/Malay
  • Typical online times (based on server time) 2000hrs - 2300hrs (Daily login) 10Hours plus if off day from works. 
  • Preferred role (support or event) : Event
  • Previous GM experience : No
  • Reason for applying : It is because I love event a lot. I might do an event a lot since player always getting bored while waiting for Invasion or BG calling. Btw , If i get chosen it is my first time to become a GM for my life. It will give me a lot of experience also. Since i played RO quite long before since I was 11yrs old. So that's all from me. Thanks and have a nice day :D

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  • In-game name(s): Zonra (main), Nima, Kueia, Sayaka, Anzu, and Maika (alts) (plus others that I don't play much.)
  • Age: 28
  • Location: Texas, USA
  • Time zone: GMT -6 (CST)
  • Fluent languages: English, moderately conversational in Japanese
  • Typical online times (based on server time): 9pm - 2am server time, 3 or more nights a week.
  • Preferred role (support or event): Support
  • Previous GM experience: Short time spent as a Support GM during the development of another server that is currently closed due to owner health concerns. Helped write custom daily quests, and answered general knowledge questions from players.
  • Reason for applying: I enjoyed my short time GMing for another server, and I enjoy helping others with my general knowledge of RO especially in the questing department. I love helping people, and I would love for the opportunity to help out even more. This server is a lot of fun, and I'm already familiar with some of the other staff members (Hi Scrub and Simmy!!) While I would love to have a chance to learn how to host events, I feel that my skillset is better suited for a more behind-the-scenes supporting role. My knowledge of the inner-workings of RO may be limited, but if given a chance and some time, I am fairly quick to learn and maintain the information that is shared with me.
    Thank you for this opportunity for me to give back to a community that has given me so much joy! <3
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Applications are now closed - our newest GM is Kirari, and Suran will also be (re)-joining the team next month once she's available! Please be sure to welcome them to the team and/or harass them with questions if you see them around.


Thank you to everyone that applied! We'll post a new topic when we're looking to hire new GMs again. <3

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