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[Solved] Skills delay (After cast)

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(i'm french so i'm sorry for mistakes, if you want to correct my mistakes, i'm always happy to learn <3)


Hi, i'm new on the server, and i make a HW to farm.

My problem is the delay on all skills (except Jupitel Thunder): we can't spam skills like Fire Bolt, Cold Bolt...


My question: Is there a way to don't have this delay and be able to SPAM like a kikoo ? :)



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Hey Skid! Jupitel Thunder is one of the skills that is effected by attack speed - the rest of the High Wizard skills are effected by after-cast delay. Cards such as Kiel-D (MVP boss) and Durathrors (Mini MVP cards available through f_forest) all help reduce after cast delay. Items such as Thorn Staff of Darkness, Sorcerer's rings, Sprint Rings, etc. all help with reducing after-cast delay. Ideally you will want to hit 100% after-cast delay although 96-97% are fine as well.

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