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Perry the Platypus

Server Updates (Dec 11, 2018)

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Hi! Today's update is mostly covering some player suggestions and quality of life tweaks, but we also have an update to the Battlegrounds matchmaking system that will hopefully make for better team balance. :D


Server Updates


Update: New headgears have been added


Autumn Wings (+ Aqua/Black/Blue/Green/Pink/Purple/Red/White/Yellow)
Bunny Scarf (+ Aqua/Blue/Green/Grey/Purple/Red/Yellow)
Floating Balloons

Hidden Headgear Quests
Feathered Masquerade (+ Aqua/Black/Blue/Green/Pink/Purple/Red/White/Yellow)
Tender Wings (+ Black/Blue/Purple/Red/Yellow)

Update: The Battlegrounds matchmaking system has been updated to no longer use MMR, and will now shuffle the queue randomly instead, to avoid creating the same teams multiple times in a row
-Class balancing will still be applied to evenly distribute crucial classes
Update: @mi will now display custom monster states such as innate magic resistance (see @mi 3016 for an example)
Update: Refine transfer now works with unique headgear types, but they can only be transferred to headgears of the same type (currently affects VIP, BG auras, and Dying Will)
Update: Minor adjustments to Enchanted Bloody Branch spawn rates (useless MVPs will spawn slightly less often, high tier MVPs will spawn slightly more often)
Update: A new pet, Sppo, is now available via the VIP Pet Box
Update: VIP headgears that are are part of a set or similar to each other are now received as a selection box, so they no longer have a higher rate than other headgears
-Currently affects Divergent Helms, Kirito Blades, Dark Knight Cloak / Sacred Cape, and the new Autumn Wings and Bunny Scarf
-When using the box, a selection menu will pop up allowing you to select your preferred colour/style from the set
Update: VIP characters now receive the generic Healer buffs even after level 450, and will have all unknown items identified when using the Healer
Update: VIP characters now have account-wide access to Discount/Overcharge prices at NPCs
Update: The Poring King's Castle instance ladder will no longer count multiple times from the same character (current ladder is unchanged as it has not been reset)
Update: Novices can now sit and use /emotes without requiring Basic Skill
Update: @whosell and @whobuy now work with partial item names, and will list the possible matches if more than one exists
Misc: @whosell and @whobuy can now also be used via @whosells and @whobuys
Misc: Azoth and Hylozoist Card will no longer work in maps with the nobranch mapflag, such as the Gold Room
Misc: Unlimited FCP Scroll can no longer be sold to NPCs
Bugfix: Fixed a bug that was causing the Battlegrounds role balancing system to fail in some cases
Bugfix: Fixed Cicada Skin Shed being marked as a copyable skill
Bugfix: Fixed @mi not displaying MVP drops as item links




Bugfix: Fixed Assumptio working in WoE maps if the effect was applied before entering the map

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