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Season 5 PvP Event

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Hello Anomalians. This December 7th [ 18:00 server time ] we will be holding our 3v3 Tournament Style PvP event!

Please note that all participants MUST send me a PM to verify they are online and ready 30 minutes prior to the start of the event [ 17:30 server time ]

:: Winners ::
1st Place:
X-Force (Soov, Franklin Richards, Namii)

2nd Place: X-Men (Jadi, Ashu, EvoLord)
3rd Place: OwOverkill (Lanfear, Chanel, Fingers go pew pew)


There will be additional rules for spectators that will be announced at the start of the event!


Please send a forum PM, or in-game PM to Simmy, or contact me via discord (Vulpecula#5076) with the following information

In-game names:
Party name: 

Note: Registration will be closed and brackets will be posted 24 hours prior to the event and characters/classes may not be changed after this time. 
[ Registration deadline :: December 6th 18:00 server time ]

This may be adjusted based on participation

First Place: 3000 Donation Tickets (1000 Per Person)

Second Place: 1500 Donation Tickets (500 Per Person)

Third Place: 750 Donation Tickets (250 Per Person)

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