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The Holy Warlords

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Guild leader: Zymeth @Mond | Co-Leader: Aeryn Winter @rozzy

Our guild is currently not recruiting new/old players in the server

(will update the status if we are open for recruitment)


THW is an active WOE and social guild | played in InertiaRO prior to AnomalyRO

We are here to provide you great and fun guild war experience, and ensures you to have a 

friendly guild environment to make your stay in the server worthwhile and memorable.


           Guild Requirements:

                       1501790530_shield(1).png.5fa2c20e91b0090849da6d2b2c688d1f.png You must be semi-geared for WOE purposes (w/ or w/o WOE experience, we're here to train you!)
                     1501790530_shield(1).png.5fa2c20e91b0090849da6d2b2c688d1f.png Required accounts: Discord and Facebook/Messenger  

                     1501790530_shield(1).png.5fa2c20e91b0090849da6d2b2c688d1f.png Must be flexible for at least 2-3 job roles to fulfill the role/s needed by the guild

                                                                                                        Expect us:

                            To help you build and train your class, and guide as you stay in our guild  1501790530_shield(1).png.5fa2c20e91b0090849da6d2b2c688d1f.png                                                                                                                     To welcome you as you become part of our family~ 1501790530_shield(1).png.5fa2c20e91b0090849da6d2b2c688d1f.png

             We expect you: 

                 1501790530_shield(1).png.5fa2c20e91b0090849da6d2b2c688d1f.png NOT to be a trash talker (to fellow member and Main chat), hardheaded, and drama queen/king 

                       1501790530_shield(1).png.5fa2c20e91b0090849da6d2b2c688d1f.png Be friendly, helpful and respectful to your fellow guild member (and ofc, to the community)

                       1501790530_shield(1).png.5fa2c20e91b0090849da6d2b2c688d1f.png A team player, loyal and an active player (specially during WOE hours)

                       1501790530_shield(1).png.5fa2c20e91b0090849da6d2b2c688d1f.png Hardworking player that does not rely on the equips or cards that we give as incentives


Join and be part of our growing and fun family! ❤️

Feel free to visit Gonryun (@go 11) if you want to get invites or PM/send us a mail in game!

or talk to any THW member to notify us that you're interested in joining our guild.


  👻  Here are some of our screenshots & videos 👻

(to be updated)

Post-WOE screenshots:






(c) Jai baho

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WOE screenshots:


















WOE Videos:





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