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Perry the Platypus

Player Report Guidelines

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Before posting here, please be sure that what you're reporting is actually against our server rules.


Your post must include, at a minimum, the following information:

-Names of everyone involved

-A full description of what happened

-Any relevant screenshots, videos, chat logs, etc

-Any other information relevant to the incident


When you submit screenshots or videos, please be sure that names of those involved are clearly visible.


Without any proof of what occurred, we will likely be unable to help, so please be sure to include as many screenshots as possible. Also, do not edit out the context or intentionally time the screenshots to only show certain parts of the incident. If further investigation shows that you left out important information (for example, if you started the trash talking, but intentionally left that part out), you may be punished for posting a falsified or misleading report.


If you do not want to post details about the incident publicly, please submit the report through a support ticket instead.


Thank you!

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