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Laggy day at anomaly ro

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It's a bit hard to tell for sure from these traceroutes but it looks like it may have been an issue with your Internet provider, as the packet loss seemed to start fairly early in the connection. This issue may have already resolved itself by now, but if you're still experiencing some lag, you can try running the command again and sending in a second report so I can see if it matches with this one. :o


You can also try connecting to the Japan proxy, which may improve your connection stability a bit, though that would depend on how your connection to the proxy is as well.

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IGN is +trappmaster+


sorry i could not reply sooner. i tried to connect today on the main server and it fails everytime, so i could not do another diagnostic.

i tried your suggestion on  logging in on the japan proxy and i can log in on it and play smoothly.no lags/hiccups yet.



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Okay, glad to hear the proxy is working well so far. :o If you run into any issues again just let us know and we'll try to take another look at it and see if we can figure out exactly where the issue is happening.

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