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Frequent disconnection

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It'd be great if you could provide further details because disconnection issues may vary.

  1. Where are you from? - This is so that we can narrow the issue down.
  2. Are you using a stable internet connection while playing RO?
  3. Did you receive any error messages/windows? If yes, take a screenshot of it and post it here.
  4. Continuation from above - if the error message/window create an error_log.txt or crash_log.txt in your folder, please upload them here.
  5. Have you tried using the Tokyo proxy server? If no, please try and see if the connection improves.

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2 hours ago, adik0816 said:

1. Texas

2. yes it is stable

3. no error. just says disconnected

4. ---

5. what is that?


5. Proxy servers can be used as an alternative way of connecting to the server to mitigate issues that may be seen as a result of an unstable connection to the main host, or during regional issues that may be affecting your Internet provider.


Since you live in Texas, perhaps you can try logging in via the NA Proxy (refer to screenshot below). Do let us know if its working better for you or not.



Also, I would need your username so that we could do further checking on our end. You can send me a PM as it's personal information.

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