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Perry the Platypus

Reminder - Account Security & Identifying Staff Members

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Due to some recent scam attempts, I felt it would be a good idea to give a quick reminder about being extra careful with your personal information and account details.


The short version: GMs will never ask for your personal information unless it is directly related to a support request that you submitted, and we will never ask for any financial information at all, ever.


For starters, GMs are required to prove their identity if requested. If at any time you feel like something suspicious is going on, you can ask the GM to show themselves to prove that they are in fact a GM. They will do this by showing their GM character to you in-game, not via screenshot or anything else. As mentioned on the FAQ page, GMs will always have a GM suit, a yellow name, and a [Staff] or [Admin] title. No standard player can get access to any of these things, and if a "GM" is not able to show you any of these, they are not a member of our staff team and should immediately be reported.


Also, GMs will never require you to enter a chatroom to ask for information. We always contact players directly via PM (and again, you can ask us to prove our identity at any time) or by speaking to them face to face in-game. We may also contact you via forum PM, which you can verify by checking for a red or yellow name, and/or checking that our profile lists our group as "Adminstrators" or "Game Masters" (the group is listed directly below our display name). If you are ever asked to add a Discord account, please verify that the person you are speaking to is a real staff member before adding them.


Most importantly, GMs will never, under any circumstances, ask for any personal or financial information. The only things we may ask for are your email under very specific circumstances (when you come to us first with a request about your account), the name listed on your PayPal (admins only, and only when you come to us first with a request about a recent donation), and the information requested in the GM applications topics. The common theme here is that all of these require you to come to us first - a GM will never ask for this information from you randomly. We will also never require you to share your screen with us (through Team Viewer or similar apps).


Finally, we only accept payments directly through our website, and will never require you to send us money for any reason. If someone acting as a GM ever asks you to send them money, they are committing fraud. This is illegal and can be reported to the police if you have any information that may identify them. You can also send us a screen shot of the incident and we will immediately apply a permanent ban of all of their known accounts, PCs, and IP addresses.


That should cover everything you need to know to stay safe out there, but always remember to be extra careful any time someone asks you for personal/financial information, whether it be here in RO or in real life. And if you ever have any questions or concerns about something that's going on, please feel free to contact me directly here on the forums, or open a support ticket on the website.

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