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GM Applications (September-October 2018)

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Applications can be posted as replies to this topic. If you would like to apply anonymously, please feel free to send your application to me directly in a forum PM.


Please note that if you have previously applied for a GM position, you must submit an updated application if you are still interested in joining the team.



  • 10 hours/week activity
  • Fluency in English
  • General knowledge of Ragnarok Online
  • Calm and friendly personality


Other Assets

  • Experience hosting events


Required Info

  • In-game name(s)
  • Age
  • Location
  • Time zone
  • Fluent languages
  • Typical online times (based on server time)
  • Preferred role (support or event)
  • Previous GM experience
  • Reason for applying


Please feel free to include any additional info about yourself - the more we know the easier it is to make our choice! You can include anything you want beyond the required info; this is simply the minimum that we need for a valid application.


Also note that candidates for interviews will be based on the current needs of the team, which will vary each time we take in applications. If you don't get picked this time around, you're always more than welcome to post a new application the next time we're hiring!

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GMT +8

Fluent in English

Based on my Time zone, im Online from 8pm to 8am, im online for 12hours a day
Any GM role is okay with me,

NO gm experience but sicne i've been playing this for more than 10 years, i know a lot since we some times we play ragnarok just to chat and converse with ppl.

Well the reason would be, "It's a dream come true, ive always wanted to be a GM someday even if its support or event GM...

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Name : Joshua 'Robb' Layno

Gender : Male

I.G.N : Yunan / Paradigm / Paramount / Omelette au Fromage / Tha Tank 

Age : 21

Location :  NC, USA

Timezone : EST (UTC -5)

Languages :  Fluent English and Filipino

About Me : 21 year old Casino Table Games Dealer, Physical Therapy Course Tutor, Ambivert, Fast learner. Handsome (subjective), good interpersonal relationship skills.


RO's Experience :  Played RO since I first learned how to use a computer. Have enjoyed playing the game and will probably never stop. 

GM's Experience : Been police GM twice, had a quick stint as a GM at InertiaRO

Reason of Apply : I want to have a chance to help out from the other side(GM side) and develop my empathy towards GMs and players alike.

Active Time: Monday-Sundays all evenings till early mornings.

Preferred role : Support GM

Contact Info: Email: [email protected]/ Skype: robb_josh/ facebook: Joshua Robb Layno/ twitter: @tharobblayno 


Thanks for the chance. Its a long shot; but you miss 100% of the shots you dont take.

Edited by Robb

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Name: Fox


Gender: Hybrid


I.G.N: Fox , What The FOX! anything that has a fox name in it. ( I'm not Samantha Fox )


Age: 24


Location: PH , EU


Timezone: +8 GMT , +2 GMT


Languages: English , Mars language.


About Me: Well nothing much to say about myself, i'm just being me. /heh


RO's Experience: I started playing ragnarok online when i was like 13 y/o on and off.


GM's Experience: Head Game Master , Script NPC Editor (Hercules Emulator) , Police GM ( I'm a fun guy but don't test my limits ) , Full Knowledge of @GM Commands. As well as i have my own server (Rathena version) Messing with it. Cuz im learning of Skill fixing , Rates , Bug Fixing , NPC Scripting. Full Knowledge of Empty Forum Creation IPS Board.


Reason to Apply: I literally don't know. But somehow i find this community a friendly one so why not imma try it out if i'm given a chance to be part of the team /heh


Active Time: To be honest i have no time playing due to irl stuffs ( We do all have irl events ). But yea on my spare time i used to play like 5-6 hours or more depends in my mood.


Preffered Role: Anything that team needs. I just don't want scripts atm (Cuz im recalling a lot of stuffs).


Contact Info: [email protected] , [email protected]





Edited by Foxx

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Name : Rein Pradipta.

Gender : Male.

I.G.N : Fische.

Age : 24.

Location :  Indonesia.

Timezone : GMT +7.

Languages :  Fluent English, Bahasa and Mandarin.

About Me : Just an ordinary people LOL 


RO's Experience :  Played RO since 11 years old until now, been experience from high server, low server and super high server.

GM's Experience : GM on Ragnarok eps. 7 (Private Server from Indonesia), Event GM on Seireitei RO (Nick GM Liebe), Another GM Helper on New Seireitei RO (Nick GM Rei) and GM Helper on Earthbound RO.

Reason of Apply : Cause i've been play RO from 2005 on any server and i know how to interact or help people on game, and i know how to make server become very fun cause from my GM's experience i know how to controll or run the game. And i like to help other people and make the game balance.

Active Time: From Monday - Saturday (+- 7 hours play every day) I'll try my best LOL

Preferred role : Event GM

Contact Info: Email: [email protected]

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Name:Kaneko Ame [Just Rain Will do]



About me:Work Hard Play Harder[motto] I like to think about myself a calm and friendly Person :D



Ign:Dragon Heart [Sniper],Blue DeviL Rin[SinX],Sir Lancelot[Paladin]



Age:26 [don't tell anyone :P]



Location:Fukuoka Japan



Fluent Language:Japanese,English



OnlineTime:Almost Everyday [6~10hrs]*except when @ work* GMT+9



Preferred Roll:Event GM/Support [either will do]



Previous GM:I've Been GMing for Awhile Now maybe in 3 Servers  + Knowledge About GM Commands [not on editing/scripts]



Reason For Applying:Only 1 Reason Why I want to be part Of the Team Is To Help at the same time Make Fun Events!




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Apologies for the late update on this! Been a pretty busy week, but applications are now closed! Our newest GMs are Simmy (okay she's actually pretty old) and Kyonzan! Please be sure to welcome them to the team and/or harass them with questions if you see them around.


Thank you to everyone that applied! We'll post a new topic when we're looking to hire new GMs again. <3

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