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[PvM] Solo Endless Tower Sniper Guide

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1908.gif    Endless Tower Sniper Guide    1908.gif


Sniper is one of the best classes for beginners on this server as they are efficient Gold Room farmers and... can solo every MVP and instance in the game with very basic gear. This guide goes through the preparations, equipment and some of the floor clearing methods I used when doing endless tower instance many times as a new player on anomalyRO and allowed me to have a relatively fast clearing time (around 40 minutes).




Talk to the Kafra in caspen and set a bunch of account wide @autolootitem (Set autocommands) to maximize farming in the tower. I suggest checking this page for items you may need for the god items you want or just add all of them. You can set as many @autolootitem as you want. I suggest to add all the following IDs regardless: 604, 607, 644, 12121, 12120, 12119, 12118, 12033, 7511, 7563, 7447, 7448, 7446.


20x Yggdrasilberry

1 of each arrow (Stone, Arrow of Wind, Crystal, Fire, Immaterial, Arrow of Shadow, Silver, Steel)


You can buy the Yggdrasilberry from the Convenience Shop NPC in caspen or farm them in prt_maze03, and use the archer skill Making Arrow to create the elemental arrows (Check this for materials).






Headgear cards: 5 Durathor cards, 1 Myst case card

Gift Boxes drop a number of items useful to make Brisingamen, one of the god item quests. Durathors for reducing ACD.


Armor: Sniping suit (Gloom Under Night cards, Ktullanux cards, Observation cards)

None of these cards are in any way mandatory but glooms speed up higher floor clearing significantly as you one shot almost every mob that falls under their effect and kill the MVPs really quickly. Ktullanux is useful to clear ifrit faster as he has a lot of HP to tear down. If you don't have money to buy Gloom or Ktullanux cards put 2 Dame of Sentinel cards in your armor and change your base VIT to 360 to get +20 DEX from each (lower your STR or LUK). I suggest investing in glooms if you plan on doing many tower runs, for example if you are interested in making a +10 Thorn Staff of Darkness.


Weapon: Composite Bow (2 Abysmal Knight, 1 Turtle General, 1 The Paper)

This weapon allows you to oneshot almost every non-MVP in the tower so long as you don't use elements they are resisting


Garment: Anything, with 2 Giant Whisper cards

More ATK.


Shoes: Anything


Accessories: 2 Bow Thimble (2x Jing Guai card) (1x Plasma Card, 1x Jing Guai card)

Jing Guai cards add a chance of dropping Box of Sunlight, useful in PvP/BG/WoE and can be sold to players easily. Elemental resist potions are also vital for many PvP/BG/WoE builds - if you're not interested you can just use 4 jing guai cards and only farm BoS.



As for the stats I always went with a tanky build to reduce the chances of getting killed by random damage attack (I don't know the exact numbers but I've seen it do up to 700-900k damage) or some bosses like ifrit which hurt for several hundred thousands. The crit rate should be enough to 100% crit every mob with or without sharpshooting and the STR is for carrying the stuff you're farming.


Clearing Techniques:


General Tips: Sharp Shooting is the only skill you need to use in endless tower. Use it on everything except Entweihen, for which it is more convenient to use double strafe. If you run out of sp, simply pop 1 yggdrasilberry and move on.


Full Aggressive, fast moving floors: simply glide through while luring every mob, if they attack you in mass you will be hit and slowed down, so be careful and keep moving; kill some with 1 Sharp Shooting if they start hitting you



Full Aggressive, slow moving floors: Walk slowly in a zigzag pattern to allow mobs to catch up, then clear similarly to the first case.



Full Non-aggressive floors: those mobs don't attack, therefore you can't lure them. Sharpshoot your way through by trying to find good angles to get more than one into the Sharpshoot AoE (3 cells)


Looters floors: lure the aggressive mobs using one of those two techniques I explained and whenever a looter mob is at the edge of your skill range (behind you), hit them with a sharpshoot, or alternatively clear these floors like the non-aggressive floors, by focusing the looters first.


Ranged mobs floors: you can't lure ranged mobs well, especially if they're immobile (plants), therefore clear these floors like looters floors but keep moving as you Sharpshoot them


Mix of Aggressive and non-aggressive/looter floors: use one of the luring techniques to gather aggressive mobs, while focusing the non-aggressive ones as you keep moving and they are on the edge of your skill range.


Mix of Ranged and non-ranged floors: lure whatever you can lure and kill ranged mobs as soon as they are on the edge of your skill range.


Decrease AGI users floors: you can't block decrease AGI since you can't wear a GTB, so focus every mob that can use the spell first (Margareta Solin, Agav, Wraith dead, etc..)


Quagmire users floors: same thing as decrease AGI, focus mobs who use quagmire before they can use the skill (Katrinn mob, necromancer, sting, etc..)


Gear-breaking mobs (and MVPs) floors: beware of those mobs and kill them as fast as possible, getting your gloom armor broken before floor 75 or so is a very big deal as it will slow your run considerably.


Hiding mobs floors: kill hiding mobs before they hide, and keep detect ready in case they do (obsidian, skogul, sleepers)


MVP floors: nothing much to say about those, just straight up kill the MVP and use yggdrasilberry if you get low on HP. Some MVPs like Fallen Bishop use pneuma and you need to kite them a bit, they only cast it once every 10 seconds so it's pretty easy to do. Against Entweihen use Double Strafe from max range to avoid his thorns.



I hope this guide is helpful to whoever wants to try and solo the Tower on this class. If you ever think sniper is boring or maybe you want to try clearing it even faster, maybe you can check Saku's ET gunslinger guide for some more insight. Happy farming!

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