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Making Homunculus + Leveling Method

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Some Information are sourced from IRO Wiki

Making an Embryo and Getting your Homunculus

Materials Needed to make Embryo:

Potion Creation Guide x1

Medicine Bowl

Seed of Life

Morning Dew of Yggdrasil 

Glass Tube

Items can be bought at image.png.c93ba50ff7a6b8e6f769d1bddb9ba9e0.png  @warp aro_mall01 125 156


Bringing Forth Your Homunculus

1. Use Pharmacy Skill to make your embryo.

2. Use Call Homunculus Skill to bring forth you homunculus

P/S: If you dont like the homunculus you get, Alt+R and delete it and use the skill to call another. Each attempt will consume 1 embryo. - The usual homun used in GR is Vanil.



Leveling your Homunculus

Since some people are asking on homunculus leveling methods to afk farm in GR.

Easiest method is just to purchase the leveling pill from bg shop but if you're new:


Creator Equipment for Leveling Homun:



Creator Stats Recommendation:

Str: 1

Agi: 1

Vit: Rest

Int: 500

Dex: Instant Cast (150)

Luk: 1


Level 1-70 --- @warp anthell01 29 261

Pretty straightforward here, let your homunculus attack the eggs and not the ants. (to level 40)

Level up the Homunculus skill - Alt+R -> Skill Tab

Jump around to let it kill some ants (to level 70)


Level 70-200+ --- @warp f_forest (Avoid Mini Boss and big groups of fairies - 2-3 at most)

The trick is to let the homunculus die first, and the fairies agro switches to you, the summon back the homunculus and let it attack the fairies, then Acid Demonstration the fairies to fasten the process.image.png.8df08193dc79fac4bc2c57bc5de9b0e4.png

The first fairy killed should bring your homun to around level 100. The process will look slow at first but will increase exponentially after that.

I usually just do this until around level 220 (around 20-30 fairy) and start GRing.


Reset your stats to have 193 aspd and 500 STR to carry gold. Have fun in Gold Room. 


Homunculus Evolution (IRO WIKI) https://irowiki.org/wiki/Homunculus_System

Much like pets, Homunculus require feeding. Feed the Homunculus when its hunger is between 11~25 to get 1 full point of Intimacy. Feeding at the other times will give less than a full point and may even reduce the Intimacy. If one forgets to feed the Homunculus, its Intimacy will eventually decrease, and it will leave the master if it goes below zero Intimacy.

Hunger Intimacy
Starving at 1% ~ 10% -1
1% ~ 10% 0.5
11% ~ 25% 1
26% ~ 75% 0.75
76% ~ 90% -0.05
91% ~ 100% -0.5


Intimacy Status
1 ~ 3 Hate with Passion
4 ~ 10 Hate
11 ~ 100 Awkward
101 ~ 250 Shy
251 ~ 750 Neutral
751 ~ 910 Cordial
911 ~ 1000 Loyal


P/S: You can check intimacy using @hominfo


When the Homunculus' Intimacy is Loyal, use a Stone of Sage (simply double click it) to evolve it. There is no level condition in order to evolve it. With evolution, the Homunculus will obtain a random bonus for each of its stats, increased Max HP and Max SP and a new form.

After evolving, the Homunculus' Intimacy resets to 10 (Hate). Once its Intimacy reaches 910 again (1 point before Loyal), a fourth, new skill is unlocked.

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On 9/27/2018 at 5:41 PM, BudiPrasetyo said:

Hi there,


It's a very helpful guide!

Actually what is the max level of our homunculus?


Can we boost up the intimacy level?



Max Level is 255.

Homunculus Intimacy can only be raise manually by feeding the homunculus, there seems to be no other boosting method atm.

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51 minutes ago, Welwix said:

Quick question


Whats the best Homun to use to afk farm GR? Thanks :)


On 9/4/2018 at 7:08 PM, Silent said:

The usual homun used in GR is Vanil


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