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Fave Players of a Class

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15 hours ago, Rhapsody said:

Honorable Mention:  Rozzy (Aeryn Winter)


15 hours ago, Rhapsody said:

Creator: Rozzy (Lady Scarlett)


15 hours ago, Rhapsody said:

High Priest: Rozzy (Aimee Leila)

TOO MUCH HONG HERE, 100% Reported.






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My boy told me to revive this thread and hopefully others can keep this alive. Here are players that I believe are head and shoulders above others at the classes they play or players I simply enjoy playing with.

The list is in no particular order.



Popular classes capable of dealing high amount of damage and have good utilities. You can do just fine spamming bolts/AoE, but the best players also utilize supportive abilities, with smart positioning and skill placement/skill selection to work around reflects. Kiting is also important yet underutilized, a skill that makes great mages difficult and frustrating to kill.

  • Valk & he who shall not be named: Complete package. Great mechanics and game knowledge making them terrifying to play against. I was fortunate enough to play with them in the same guild and honestly learned so much from them. Their mages are well known and feared but they’re elite at every class they get their hands on.

  • Ray: No one kites as well as he does. Everyone knows how frustrating it is to chase him. He is probably responsible for the recent web nerf. Feared by many when he was active in bg. Very intelligent, also a great duo partner and a great friend. Spoiled me because duo with him makes the game so easy for me. Also gave me some great tips regarding my gameplay and build. New and old players that are looking to improve their game-play, this is the guy you go to for help.

  • AJ: Another player with great game knowledge and more than a decade worth of high level game experience. Smart and a skillful mage player overall. What makes him different from other players is his ability to lead his guild to victory through methodical practices and analysis. His adjustments and preparations before and after WoEs are some of the best and his impact on the WoE scene makes him one of the most influential players on the server.

  • Ming: Skilled and smart, capable of playing many different classes. Apparently also a great mentor for new and old players.

  • Eroll: Pretty good at mages and other classes like whitesmith, champ and sinx. Cholesteroll is a great name.


Front-line Melees (Whitesmiths & LKs):

With the buffs and the addition of battle potions and elixirs, they are getting more and more popular. They are important to a team’s success with their melee physical damage, in a world where every motherfuckers are stacking mdef and LR resist. The best players often don’t have the prettiest stat line, but you know they’re good because they make their presence felt, diving face first into every fight to wreak havoc and provide pressure on the enemy team so your backline can do damage safely.

  • Uriel: One of the OGs and is widely considered the best LK in his prime. He is looked up to by many, a great mentor for people who want to learn the class. A lot of his students turned out to be very good players.

  • Yuji & Grandpa: Knows how to make their presence felt. Can tank a ton of damage and do a ton of damage. Prioritize team success over their KDA. Willing and capable duelists that provide a lot of entertainment for me. They both also play other classes well.

  • Jimmy: Great team fighter that knows how to do damage. Also excel at classes like sinx, champ, and sniper.

  • pvp is active 4head: Really good player that plays many classes at a high level. Active and is great in both pvp and bg. New players probably don’t know how good his linker is. Honestly a great player if he wants to be but nahhh he decides to play some troll ass shit like high vit wiz with no GR that dies to 3 AD or thana bait elemental sword bolt stalker.

  • Pineapple Express: Another LK feared by many due to how tanky he is.



Most paladins just devo and keep people alive, which is completely fine, but the ones that really shines are players that knows how to abuse their ridiculous speed and tankiness, keep up with devo to keep their team alive, while draining their opponents sp to force pharaoh swaps.

  • White Daisy & Roll & Alabaster: If you wanna know how to hard carry a team as a support, just watch these players. Capture the Flag and Stone Control is over quick if you don’t find ways to contain them. Extremely fast and tanky. Knows how to keep your team alive and win fights for you.

  • Angelina: I have no idea who this is. She played for a week and disappeared. Plays the class differently from the ones I mentioned. Very tanky and annoying to play against as she drains your sp and can chase you down to do decent damage.

  • Jadi: Reliable and plays the class the right way. Can keep up with getting dispelled and is also very tanky.


High Priest:

They are my favorite to have on my team and I absolutely hate playing against them. Extremely hard to kill on the class I play and every time I get dec agi’d I wanna Alt + F4. With that said, it’s kinda hard to stand out as a high priest imo, you’re either good or you’re bad. These are some HPs that are memorable for various reasons.

  • Aeryn Winter & Sherwin: Alright I lied about not being able to stand out as a priest. These players are probably the most reliable HPs I’ve played with. Hard to kill and are great at keeping up with heals, buffs and debuffs. They are also capable of playing many other classes. Sherwin is my guy. Willing to experiment and is very helpful towards newbies.

  • Angel Cake: I think she’s lagging half the time or something?? Aside from that, a very reliable priest with decent heals and very tanky. A fun person to be around for the most part but Idk why she feels the need to always announce in public chat that she’s going to poop like damn keep that shit to yourself I’m tryna eat here.

  • Freyja: Underappreciated. Don’t see him around anymore but he was really good too when he was active.

  • Dirty: He really improved a lot. What makes him stand out is how overly friendly he is. Was friendly towards me even when I pissed off half the server and had a whole guild griefing me in bg to fuck me over that one month.

  • Rixen, Tinker Bell, Marie Louise, Pyxis, Bun, Robb, Bruno Mars are all great priests please leave me alone.



It’s an easy class to play. There’s really no way to be bad at this. The best players are the ones that do more than just AD, either by utilizing supportive abilities or know how to deal with deviant swaps with either bolts or mammo. Great creos can have huge impact on the whole map with their speed and team fighting abilities. Great playmakers. Without any defensive abilities other than their speed, great creos are also great at swapping defensively to improve their survivability.

  • Ken: Ken is also another player that is elite at basically every class he plays. His LK, Grotesque was also feared by many and his sniper’s traps are arts, some Mona Lisa shit. What makes his creo different from most is how he utilizes mammo. This guy is a killing machine and I learned a lot from him.

  • Floe: Valk’s creo. He didn’t play it much but most of the things I do I learned from him. Excellent swapper that really knows how to fight.

  • Lucky Charms: The OG creo player. Plays the class how the class should be played, with good positioning and smart target selection. Slick and is hard to kill. She’s been at the top since the beginning, and is still widely considered the best and you have to respect that.

  • White Chocolate Milk: Starting to see him in bg a lot. Always willing to put up a good fight. Utilizes bolts with elemental sword to deal damage and potion pitch to support his team.

  • I love abi: The creo that fucked every team up in the pvp tournament. Please don’t flame me for not mentioning any of the natg core.



When played right, sinx can do massive amount of damage, drain your sp, while being incredibly hard to kill. Very tricky to fight even in bg. Some of the most memorable ones are

  • Neo: Is there anyone that can beat him in pvp?? I don’t pvp enough to know but I’ve seen him play and he is legit scary.

  • Shaltear: She (?) was so hard to kill. That’s all I remember about her. She’s inactive now though.

  • Noctis: More active in BG than the two I mentioned (at least I’ve had more experience fighting him) even though I haven’t seen him in a while. Great duelist.


Soul Linker:

  • Saku & Buckets: Not much to say about these guys. Very good at the class and were hard to kill. Torturing mages probably brought them a lot of joy. Fucking sadists.   

  • Christopher: New guy??? Been doing some work in bg these days.



  • Borrum’s stalker: His sniper is considered the best by many but tbh his stalker was much scarier imo. Hard to kill due to how slippery he is and is a great asset to have especially in game modes that require capping stones/ flags. His snares were on point which makes stealing stones incredibly difficult when playing against him.

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My list is entirely based throughout since I became active again 😱 (also I'm too lazy to write up reasons as to why I chose them but w/e)

LK - Pineapple Express, Gelo (Tanky, latches on pretty quickly, dishes out tons of damage and can get out of a kiting situation easily)


Wizard - Gandalf, Erollercoaster (Knows their way around the class and has different strategies to play against different situations)


Assassin Cross - Sebaz, Neo, Giannis Antetokounmpo (I thought assassins were squishy but they proved me wrong)


Whitesmith - pvp is active 4head, Gelo (I hate matching up against WS in general but these two, I would avoid all the time in clashes)


Sniper - Lunabell, Danbo (Clutch breakers and great trappers)


Professor - Professor Mingming Kun, Hiyo, Tori Black, Aeryn Winter (You can tell if a prof is good if he/she knows how to switch around offensive and utility playstyles and makes efficient use of each one)


Creator - grime, White Chocolate Cake (Hard to actually latch on to as an LK unless you switch to kiels, and they have good resists most of the time)

Stalker - Sceadudenga (i forgot the spelling), Pin Head Larry (Stalkers that actually contributes a huge lot to the fight if not focused on)


Paladin - Scourge, Head N Shoulders, White Daisy (Paladins like them most of the time determines the turning point of clashes)


Priest - Aimee Leila, Rixen (Good supports, hard to kill and just outright annoying lol)

Soul Linker - Christopher, buckets, Serendia

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here are some names of my fav classes that i met...



Borrum: the best of the BEST sniper so far on this server, my idol(with the pirate outfit)... ❤️
Bagel: another skillful sniper i met, but doesn't online much these days

(only online to disguise & trolling as a baby orc nowadays)


 High Wizard
Nathaniel gRAY
(old name) or Gandalf(new name)this guy has tons of mages chars, very good at repositioning and really knows how to escape(like a sinx/stalker). u won't see him coming if u don't hv maya purple/box of sunlight. i hv to keep my sight/ruwach up when i'm facing him.

he also HELP me in some of my builds for bg/woe when i just joined this server(last year), so... thx alot Ray! 🙏

Shaka Zulu: the mysterious guy aka the shaka laka boom boom with blue hair & all black outfit.

(pls don't banned me, thank u! xD)


Lord Knight:

Uriel: (i'm still learning from him...)

Sir Jimmy: LOL...the joint beater who enjoy torturing his victims by breaking their kneecaps before trying to kill them, so pls beware & watch out guys! LOL

Pineapple Express: this guy... i hv to regroup with frens to gang on him most of the time, bcoz he's such a huge pain in d S when 1v1 on him. he's supertanky & hv sticky finger on his spiralsss(very GAY LOL deadly)~

Yuji: help me out with a better build on my LK long time ago, thx! 🙏



Alabaster: alwez on a hurry like the roadrunner in the cartoon "beep beep", just sprint off like a spring in bg & keep running for objective mostly. but sadly i don't see this pally anymore nowadays.

(RIP my idol & my personal fashionista , i even copy the look in loving ❤️ memory of this pally LOL)

Jadi Sayang: devo devo devo and super duper tanky, so don't waste your precious time trying so hard just to kill him.

this guys HELP me alot when i was a newbie, thx alot Jadi! ❤️



Aeryn Winter: idk how to say this...basically she just spider web bweb web bweb, then bolts x 9999999! =.="

(please kill this bish for me when u see her, thank u!)

*thx alot rozzy for making me a better & tankier HP! ❤️


Assassin Cross:

Dirk: idk much abt this guy...seems to me like Jimmy's BFF lol, used to alwez afk waiting for bg to start. but i don't see him anymo nowadays.

Eugeo: this guy has tons of sinxes, too many to name them all. also taught me a little on how to play this class...THANKS! 🙏

Flaming Flamingo: pvp orientated(i don't see him around anymo, used to see him in BG & PVP).

Sebaz: emp breaker(Silm)

Gianis Anteto(sry idk how to spell the name lol): emp breaker(THW)



Sceadunga(sorry idk how to spell the name lol): annoying backstabber(again...with the pirate outfit), hurts alot. also very annoying to chase after him, make u wasting of yr time by doing so.


High Priests:

Franklin Richard: the golden HP who is super tanky, tankier than most of the HP that i know. but i don't see this hp around anymo these day...(RIP) LOL

also my former guild leader on X-MEN, who help & guide me alot when i just joined this server. thx Sherwin! 🙏

Seuvy: i miss this purple HP...RIP 

Angel Cake: very supportive, nice to hv her on my team. 



Erin Palm Strike: pvp orientated, hoping to learn champ from him someday...



Grandpa: the white bunny & master of the class...alwez going for the kills(mostly) o.o"

(1 of the mentor that i alwez lookup to when i'm having doubts)

*thx alot sooby! 🙏



Grime: aka grime.exe (thats what some ppl & i called him) because he used to just afk & FCP waiting for bg to get started. he has a very sticky finger on AD which makes u jerking lagg like a stunt lock. very pro with his SKILL RANGE where he plays very well in a SAFE DISTANCE & STILL ABLE TO KILL U. so when u see him running away from u, he isn't really running away from u. he's actually just repositioning himself with a safe dist to kill u lol. i'm still learning this from him (not to kill ppl, but more to survive & stay alive)xD

Jimmy Firecracker: can PP heal almost like a HP? 😲 

Symphonia & Lucky Charm: just another 2 AD BITCHES bishes... 😛



thats all for now...

*i just wanna apologize if i misspell yr char's name, or accidentally leftout & didn't mention yr name. but i'll reedit again once i recall if any.

Edited by dirtysin

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Hello everyone, Ming here. I may have posted here already in the past but I'm guessing making a new one, wont be that bad. I'll be only including names that I have seen recently, people who showed up from the past few weeks up to now in BG. This list is BG-based so I'm not gonna put names here based on performance in WoE. So let's my start my list with.



Extreme ( Prof ) - One of the profs I've seen that makes BG fun for me. As a fellow prof I find it astonishing to see someone who'd always bring good fights. Good utilization of skills, from bolts to LP and wall of fog and safety walls.

Tonia - Is a bit of a new prof but definitely packs a punch. Has obvious potential to exceed our expectations and will eventually become a top-tier prof.


Grime - Like mentioned above in my fave profs. It's exciting to fight people that are not like the average players on the said job. It pushes me to to try and up my game too. I'm usually lazy so i wont do anything if there's nothing out there that can convince me to do something drastic to somehow adjust *to try to put up a good fight*. Due to his unorthodox approach / build and gameplay, it raised the bar for the entire world of creos to force them to adapt too, which is definitely much appreciated.


Mai Elanora -  A new creo as well but weird how I havent seen him in last week. Was pretty good to see Mai around, does AD and also throws a mix of PP all the time totally displaying that in a clash, you can be in two sides at once if you just even try.

Lord knight:

Pineapple Express & Gelo - Very consistent LK's ever since they played the role. Tanky LK's that definitely turn the tables around when they are on your team.


Lara Faith - A new LK but is already considered on the same level of the other vet LK's.


Klavius-Kun - A fresh stalker that has started w/ just spamming raids and now also turned debuffer and into long range backstabber which in my opinion is the best way to use the skill.

Assassin Cross:

Sebaz - A sinx that is very consistent with damage and tankiness. Since he's tanky, I prefer to devo him compared to the other sinx in BG. Also a good team player, definitely a must have in your team.

High Wizard:

High Wizard Katrinn - Definition of a true wizard. Uses more skills than the average wiz and kites pretty well. Performs miracles, and this guy definitely brings up a storm when in BG. In my opinion, the best wizard around!


White Daisy - A must have Paladin on a team. Prioritizes objectives rather than wandering around in BG and just hunting people with a duo. She's become the #1 in monthly for last month's BG ladder and we all know you can't get that feat just by killing people ( as a pally )


High Priest:

Tinker Bell - I haven't seen this guy around, but a few weeks ago I enjoyed having him on my team. Tanks quite well more than the generic HP's and used to heal me during clashes to prevent me from dying *thanks*.


Aimee LeiIa - A very important asset to the team. Does objectives, tanky , supports, pretty much an all around HP. Great fun if duo'd with my Pally, joining BG just to tank and pretty much do nothing but just keeping ourselves alive. Just making everybody's finger hurt for spamming. :(



Diyosa - Probably a month old player. Already shows potential that he'll be somewhat even stronger in the future. Really tanky and deals good damage. 


Soul Linker:

Christopher - Idk who this dude is. But I love you man, we always end up in the same team with him and I love it when I'm using my creo. A very supportive SL, knows who to prioritize using Kaite/Kaupe making a very effective support.

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9 hours ago, Rhapsody said:

Lara Faith - A new LK but is already considered on the same level to the other vet LK's.


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Lord Knight

                                                                                                                                                         1. Pineapple Express  

                                                                                                              2. Rin

                                                                                                              3. Uriel


                                                                                           High Wizard

                                                                                                                                                         1. High Wizard Kathryne

                                                                                                              2. Gandalf

                                                                                                              3. Erollercoaster

                                                                                                              4. Kratos Fon Fabre



                                                                                                                                                         1. Professor Ming Ming Kun

                                                                                                              2. Tori Black <3

                                                                                                              3. Aeryn Winter



                                                                                                              1. Erin Palm Strike

                                                                                                              2. James ( idk what's his champ ign )


Assassin Cross

                                                                                                              1. Giannis Antetokounmpo

                                                                                                              2. Neo

                                                                                                              3. Shaltear Bloodfallen



                                                                                                              1. Grandpa

                                                                                                              2. GeloKART



                                                                                                              1. White Daisy

                                                                                                              2. Chocolate Mousse

                                                                                                              3. Roll



                                                                                                              1. Lady Scarlett

                                                                                                              2. Lucky Charms


High Priest

                                                                                                              1. Aimee Leila

                                                                                                              2. Angel Cake

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Hello guys !   ♠️♥️


  • Lord Knight
    • 🐤 Pineapple Express ( Please dont kill me )
    • 🐤 Uriel ( Hi Sir ! )
    • 🐤 GelokArt
    • 🐤 Kaye
    • 🐤 Jimmy firecracker
  • Paladin  
    • 🐥 White Daisy
    • 🐥 Retribution
    • 🐥 Head 'n' Shoulder
  • Wizard
    • 🎆 Gandalf ( SIFU )
    • 🎆 Erollcoster
    • 🎆 Tea
  • Professor
    •  Professor Ming Ming Kun
    •  Extreme
    •  Aeryn Winter
  • Whitesmith
    • 🔨 Grandpa
    • 🔨 Pvp 4 Head
  • Creator
    • ☄️ Symphonia
    • ☄️ White Chocolate Cake
    • ☄️ Grime
    • ☄️ Lucky Charms
    • ☄️Noelle WinterSong
  • Assasin Cross
    • ⚔️ Sebaz ( mr pablo escobar)
    • ⚔️ Eugeo
    • ⚔️ Giannis ( Gon )
    • ⚔️ Tsokolate  
  • Stalker
    • 🗡️ Sceudgaga
    • 🗡️ Klavius-Kun
    • 🗡️ Nick 
  • Champion
    • 👊 Erin Palm Strike
    • 👊 Goku Black
    • 👊 Extreme Champ
  • High Priest
    • 🌈 Rixen ( My Idol )
    • 🌈 Dirty Priest 🚿
    • 🌈 Exroh
    • 🌈 Gig
    • 🌈 Aimee Leila
  • Sniper
    • 🏹 Borrum
    • 🏹 Danbo
    • 🏹 Lunabell
  • Soul Linker
    • ☮️ Jadi Pas Sayang
    • ☮️ Seoul
    • ☮️ Christopher


I forgot a lot of name but here some of them that i think really strong, nice and cool in anomaly. 

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Assassin Cross:

1.- Sebaz | a man of focus, commitment and sheer will LOL (its just Ego)

2.- Neo | GOAT

3.- Noctis | great sinx almost at the level of Neo



1.- Gabriel and Impact the GOATs

2.- Goku Black | i saw this guy on PVP against THW and got 15K 1D just amazing

3.-  fingers go pew pew | Great Player knows about any job and he doesnt play gay tactics (Run and heal)

(Erin Palm Strike might be here but you run too much Sorry :D)



1.- grime | a player that doesnt stick to AD, hybrid build 

2.- Symphonia | Becky (might die for this) a great player and the girl that make me join this server :P

3.- Jimmy | the greatest pp LOL


High Priest

1.- Aimee Leia | know everything about this job, and doesnt let me break :c

2.- Angel Cake | the best support ever :D

3.- Sherwin | the tankiest HP i've ever seen at WoE


High Wizard

1.-Gandalf | the guy that always hunt me down at WoE/BG lol cant escape from him

2.- Erollcoaster | has different strategies to play against different situations

3.- High Wizard Katrin | amazing HW at WoE


Lord Knight

1.- Pineapple Express | the gay LK really tanky and gay

2.-Uriel | really good player and mentor

3.-Yuji | Tank and great Dmg



1.- Chocolate Mousse | you and your fcking reflect

2.- Kengo | great devo'er always keep me safe when he is around

3.- Gurgalo | another great devo'er and team player



1.- Tsokolate | the MANDILON hahaha

2.- Aeryn Winter | i hate you and your Spider web

3.- Profesor Ming Ming | the laziest guy, but a great prof, rather have you in your team



1.- Borrum (Best Sniper i've ever meet) | this guy knows everything about this job, great trapper 

2.- Bagel | great trapper and breaker

3.- Lunabell | you better kill her at WoE 2.0 before she break


Soul Linker

1.- Saku | great SL and keep us linked

2.- buckets | used to main SL



1.- Sceadugenga | Great stalker that always focus on breakers and ecaller

2.- Kalvius-kun | i hate you Sp drain

3.- Pin Head Larry | you too i hate your sp drain



1.- Grandpa | tankiest WS i've seen great player and mentor, always killing me at BG

2.- GeloKART | Trashtalker but good with this job

3.- Saiorse | saw him few times but he is good  

other jobs are just useless :c






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1 hour ago, Sebaz said:

High Wizard

1.-Gandalf | the guy that always hunt me down at WoE/BG lol cant escape from him

2.- Erollcoaster | has different strategies to play against different situations

3.- High Wizard Katrin | amazing HW at WoE





TFW when you make it twice


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Just based on people i remember / gives trauma , especially in bg
Lord Knight :

- Pineapple Express , respect to him to always come out of battle surviving with low hp and still deal a lot.

- Rin , similar to ^ but less aggressive in chasing you to the end of maps.


Palladin :

- White Daisy , Pressures 24/7, very tanky as well.

- Chocolate Mousse (?) , pretty tanky and heals a lot , a very good devo type. Also bullies you a lot with sacri.

High Wizard :

- Ray (whichever is the current character name), op kites and very smart in alternating skills whether its supporting or attacking.

- Erollercoaster , a bit on the aggressive side which is kinda risky , but the damage is not something to make fun of.


Professor :

- Ray (yes , whichever is the current character name), probably the smartest prof i've seen.

- Professor Mingming Kun , good alternation of support and offensive , and especially annoying with the support build. Also a good prof teacher.

- Aeryn Winter, like any other job she use, she's really hard to kill even with a lot of people.


Whitesmith :

- GeloKART , hits like a brick and durable. Also one of the miraculous low hp survivor like Pineapple Express and Rin.


Creator :

- grime , very strong in bg with the combination of AD + Mammonite ~

- Lucky Charm , idk why but her AD hurts the most even with high LR resist

- White Chocolate Cake , good combination of PP + AD.


Sinx :

- Sebaz , let your guard down and you're dead in few SB. Also very hard to kill.

- Giannis Antetokoumnpo , OP in woe , not sure about bg since i dont see him a lot :>

- Noctis , hits a ton too , but most of the time uses SBK ~


Stalker :

- Sceadudenga , Obviously a nightmare towards priests (especially me) and had a really nice reflex for CCing.

- Klavius-kun , less nightmarish but still annoying compared to ^

Champion :

- Blunt , loves to sneak asura and spams a lot more decrease agi compared to other in bg, which is annoying. Fu u mar ~

- Erin Palm Strike, very offensive in bg , with the throws spirit sphere spam and asura.


High Priest :

- Aimee Leila , #1 hp , so tanky and supportive , also survives almost every situation despite being outnumbered.

- Angel Cake , likes to charge ahead and bully enemy with BSS/decrease agi.. which is very annoying in bg situation


I have bad memory ~ so i might have forgotten some people. And so... sorry ~


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Borrowing your format out of laziness @shin LOL Thank you <3

The last one i posted was earlier this year, and reading these updated or new ones got me motivated to post this. Sooo. These are players who I've felt are top of the top, the best, that can be key players to have in any guild or team in Battlegrounds. 



There are a lot of mage players out there, but I'll mention those who I feel have been most noticeable for me in BG and WoE that i'd love to have on my team/duo and not against. :x 

  • ?????????? (Ray): I shouldn't really say say much about him, but I will since I didn't say much in my last one. He pushed the limits of HW, knows when to fight, how to kite and lead a group of enemy players to come to him. While he leads you to him, he'll literally kill you while you're charging into him, just leave him alone. Didn't leave him alone, did you continue chasing? Did you survive? Not for long, his team is right behind him to get you, and if it's just a Pally and Lk or creo to help him, yeah no. Have fun at the respawn. I'll change the ????? to a IGN once you tell me one LOL
  • Hiyo (Valk):  As I've mentioned before, he pushes the limits of a professor. He was a great ally to have back in SA and very knowledgeable at the game. Reflect might have been his bane - but he found ways around it. He's someone i enjoyed playing with in and out of BG.
  • lkjewq (AJ): Similar to Valk, very knowledgeable at the game, and the reason I believe why my guild personally reached it's high around the time his guild was active. Pushed us to adapt and grow. There is no doubt that he was the reason to the success of NATG while on Anomaly with the ability to be strategic, tactical and execute properly. While my guild and his guild may have differences in terms of play style ( defensive/offensive), I can respect the methodology of how he can lead his guild to victory with tactics and strategy.   
  • Professor Ming Ming Kun & Tori Black <3: He (Ming) was one of the first few I met on Anomaly, friendly and easy to talk to about builds ( from what i recall ).  Mond, sneaky one with his ecalls, great team player for woe, doesn't BG much anymore though.
  • Eroll: Similar to Ray, he understands when to shift spells, kite, or stall. 
  • Nicksuo: He's been playing this role more for me and he's been doing great - listens well and very aggressive, not afraid to die along side the LKs
  • Aeryn Winter: She does it all, need a support? You got it! Lack damage? She's got you covered! Well rounded player that can be a great assist to have in any BG match or on a WoE Day!


Front-line Melees (Whitesmiths & LKs):

The ones that aren't afraid to go in, care about KDA, and can bring fear to the squishies and others alike. All around team players.

  • Yuji: It's dat heat boi - my "partner in crime" as we double team enemies.
  • Grotesque: Isn't quite "dat heat" but can bring some kinda heat, am i right? Really strong player that knows the game well, and can easily switch classes when needed. He isn't afraid to all in, tanky and high damage.
  • Grandpa: The first real WS main; outside of the old guard Vyra, he really understands the style of team play - This guy will  single handedly tank a  team for days. He might be old ( not really, if you think he's a grandpa wtf) and has a bit of cobwebs pre Prof web nerf  (no thanks to Ray), he'll crush you down with his Cart. Be careful with him, might look "cute" with his bunny ears, he'll happily eat a pally or two from a HW or Creo - which he'll then go after you (LOL). Not someone to take lightly.
  • Jimmy: One of my successful LK students, I have nothing left to teach you. Go son, break joints <3
  • pvp is active 4head: A pvp player that can play mostly anything, really good at what he plays to add onto that. Friendly and chill guy to talk to
  • Pineapple Express:  In my opinion, The best LK THW has on the LK line up when it comes to BG/WoE. Really tanky and knows how to abuse this while dealing consistent damage.
  • Dioysa: Up and coming WS, listens to the advise of those who are knowledgeable of the class and demonstrates what she's learned. Very scary in BG :c
  • dirty & T0m0o (bazz): These two have come a long way when they started, great students to have and still learning every day!



Durable , long lasting and don't drain easily no matter how long you hit them or get them hit as a person on their devo. 

  • White Daisy: She truly is a battery, team player, and annoying to face against. She'll keep you alive until she chooses not to. Very quick at taking objectives and leading her team to victory while you're dying instead of sticking with her.
  • Gurgalo, ~Scourge~ & Kengo: These two are quite the reliable pair for any team, great team players. 
  • Retribution: This one is just insane, he'll have 3-4 on his devo list, and he'll still pick you up if he sees it fit. Very reliable.

  • Jadi: I see him run around a lot with Ray, and believe me, he's just as scary as Ray. If you see him around, he's not alone. Run.
  • Head N Shoulders & Super Peco Rider: Keeps your hair clean; I believe this is Gon, so he isn't as scary on the emp. Is what i wish I could say. He will carry the guild leader and get the ecall off. When it's BG, he's a solid player to rely on. Super Peco Rider may not keep your hair clean, but he can also get the guild leader or sinx into that emp room pretty clean, imo. 


High Priest:

Same as the mage classes, there are a lot of them, but personally, these are the ones I love to have on team or guild. There are a few others than the ones i'm going to mention, but I'll only mention my top 3.

  • Franklin Richards: Tactician and a very resourceful player.  Understands when to use certain skills, skills most HPs don't even know they exist. 
  • Angel Cake: I can't wait for her net not to be nub, but even with bad ping spikes, she'll keep you and a team alive to the best of her abilities! She claims to be nub, but she's just being modest. 
  • Aimee Leila: I swear she's a pally with an HP suit.



These players are those who stand above the rest of the Creos, for one simple reason - they don't just AD. 

  • grime (shin): Honestly, the best creo I've seen on the server - he's also one of those knowledgeable players and has pushed the limits of Creo. Very unique to the rest of the Creos on the server. Mechanically gifted and pushes fights to test himself. It's fun to play against and along side with.
  • Dabeliuteef: Not as good as grime, but a fan. No but really, he's really good, his play style on Creo reminds me a bit of his WS.
  • Lucky Charms & Strawberry Milk: These girls are usually so sweet. Just, don't run into them in BG. They know how to chase you down, and play the class quite well as team players.
  • Jimmy Firecracker: The biggest PP, very reliable as a solo PP Creo as well. 
  • Symphonia: She'll throw her PP around, so long as you keep her alive. When she isn't throwing PP, she'll make you regret the default GR. Careful with this one.


Champion & Sinx:

From pvp to woe, these players make a strong impact on anyones team - or against. 

  • Neo: James, someone who has taken the role as a pvp veteran, and looked up to by the active pvp community. If you haven't met him, make sure you talk to him when you see him in town and not pvp... C:
  • Noctis: Really good pvp sinx, lags a bit which causes a few hiccups in BG/WoE but overall great ally. Careful though, he does like to sneak up on you.
  • Sebaz: Reliable as a breaker, goes in when he's told to, although he does get a bit aggressive at times - still a nice sinx to see on your team. Doesn't just spam SBK.
  • Giannis Antetokoumnpo: "WHERE'S GIANNIS/GON?" Should be on your mind, because he'll break your emp when you least expect it.
  • Erin Palm Strike: He's a student of the game, he'll exploit everything a class can bring - imo the best Champion to date with his meta. Just as scary as a sinx cloaking to pop up and get you. He'll sura when you least expect it.
  • Other Champions: Buckets, Goku Black, Jimmy, James, Lance - these are just too good not to mention

Soul Linker:

Not a lot of people play this class, but these are the few that, im my opinion, have done a good job at being annoying for mage players and very helpful for the team.

  • Saku & Buckets: Are you a mage? (yes) These guys will hold your hand, for better or worse, same team or not. :'D  Are you a mage? (no) You have SP? Not anymore :'3 !
  • Zyg: This one, oof. Even with the lag and untimely disconnects, he tries his best, thank you sir!
  • Depression: Literally threw him on this class his first day on Anomaly, and preformed well after not touching the game in 5 years! Well played~ 


Range (Sniper, Gunslinger and Stalker):

No shield? No problem! ( not referring to stalkers LOL)

  • Sceadugenga: Really started something with this class. From the boring and brainless DP - FSK, Gan really brings fear to all classes with his Stalker. I consider him one of the LKs.
  • Tony Master: pew pew pew; Watch where you're positioned or he'll catch you off guard and won't know what hit you until you're back at Caspen/respawn. A very skilled and knowledgeable player. Although, get's bored easily. Next game/class.
  • Lunabell: She makes the last minute of WoE feel like an eternity if she isn't focused. 
  • Ru/Danbo: This one is just as scary as Lunabell, quite sick with his trap skills as well. 
  • Borrum: The father of Snipers, kites, traps, kills - all in a nice little line. :)
  • Bagel: Student of Borrum - Learned quickly, studied Gan sniper guide and asked questions. All around great sniper for BG and WoE.
  • Urang: Student of Borrum - The latest sniper student, learned quick as well as Bagel, but still has a bit to go. I've seen him play with less gear, and I thought he was already fully geared - was shocked when i seen his equips. Another reliable player for WoE/BG


There are a few classes I didn't mention, due the lack of activity from them, sorry in advance.

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FIrst of, I would like to congratulate Giannis Antetokounmpo for achieving the MVP award in the 2018-2019 NBA season. Thank you for confusing everyone how to spell your last name and making people search  google for the correct spelling. 😂 And yeah, that's my intro.lmao


Anyway, here's the list of my MVPs in no particular order:


mond - professorcreator 👂

rozzy - high priest, professor, creator ❤️🐲

ming - high wizard, professor 

mar - lord knight, champion 🙉

ter - creator, paladin 🙉

rin - lord knight 🙉

cel - paladin 🙉

james - assassin cross, champion ⚔️

noctis - assassin cross ⚔️

gelo - mastersmith, lord knight 🙉

angel - lord knight 
charmy - high priest ❤️
evelyn - creator ❤️

aldrin - paladin 🙉
luna - sniper 
ray - high wizard 🙄🖕
kratos - high wizard 🙉
eroll - high wizard, star gladiator 🙉
kaye - lord knight 🙉
steph - professor 🙉

chammy - high wizard 🙉
justin - lord knight ⚔️

erin - champion ⚔️
jessu - high priest ❤️
beans - high priest 💊
jai - creator 💊
harley - creator, gypsy 💊
higor - creator 🐷

lloyda - soul linker, lord knight 🍔
robb - high priest 💊
xenrixen - high priest, creator 💊
ganon - sniper, stalker 🏹🗡️
nikki - paladin 🙉
dirty - high priest 💩
seuv - mastersmith 
jayce - stalker 🙉
yvan - lord knight 🙉
buckets - soul linker, assassin cross, lord knight ⚔️
starboy - star gladiator, mastersmith ⚔️
franklin richards - high priest 💊
greg - lord knightpaladin, creator ❤️

david - high wizard
hiyo - professor ⚔️
lkjiewq - professor 
saku - soul linker 🏃‍♂️🤸‍♂️
vyra -
tsoko - assassin cross 714.gif
abu - assassin cross 714.gif
xabi - professor 🙉
sean - high wizard 🙉
will - professor 🙉

grime - creator ⚗️
simmy - creator ⚗️
jadi - paladin 🙉
jimmy - lord knight ⚔️
sebaz - assassin cross 
agric - lord knight 💪



I listed first their names(how i call them) or IGN because most of them now play, or switched to, different classes. These people are reliable, great teammates, mentors, scary/annoying when on the enemy side, newbie-friendly, great in pvp, fun to be around, mostly rich af. Some are also debt-ridden. *winks*

I would like to commend those who make my life miserable whenever I try to break the 714.gif. Those who spam webs, joint beat, safety walls, aspersio, traps, quagmire and close confine, i hate all of you </3 🤣

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4 hours ago, Hagibs said:

vyra - 33277.png


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15 hours ago, Hylian Spectre said:

You're Mickey Mouse though... Does it get much more honourable than that?


you got a point there

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Alright... I think it's about time I input my opinion on this topic regarding players who are good at their classes and what not. not to mention a certain someone is holding me at gunpoint to my head to finish making this. my list is gonna be simple, I will try to order it from greatest to least, but I might get lazy and just go with the flow. likewise, I will sperate with sections and follow up with an explanation.


Assassin Cross


James: pretty sure he knows why he up there and if I were, to be honest, I actually set him as a goal to beat playing other classes. If I did say goal I know I accomplished something lol.

Noct/Shaltear: hard to tell which one is better due to the fact I only seen shaltear fight very few times mostly against James and he/she would put up a good fight. Noct too puts up a good match, but if I were speaking in technical terms I think, maybe, just a tad bit, shaltear might take it and also to the fact that Noct lags 24/7 (lul data wifi user).

me: I know I have beaten these people a couple of times so imma just insert my self here.

Aburame: almost forgot to add this guy. this dude was good simply put it was fun watching him cuz he would utilize grimtooth which I rarely see these days

just10: honestly the only thing he lacks is playing the resist game but he doesn't enjoy it, so yea... get ya resist up lil ni-

Sebaz: what happened? I thought you said you were gonna pvp more often




the NBA player name that plays on the bucks(dunno how to spell it)



2 of the 3 I woe with so I have seen how good they can break the emp, but let's say there were my enemies and I'm playing as an LK, just know I'm locking you down with spiral pierce until you get booty blasted by the rest of the team and that includes you especially seabass.




Erin: Yup u guys may find it odd that I'm putting this dude up here, but you gotta give respect when its due. to elaborate, simply put, his playstyle is just too annoying. slightly regret teaching him too but it's all cool. he makes efficient use of mostly all of the champs skills(pretty much asura) and it is your job to neglect him from using it or avoid it. However, if you take away a few of his methods he pretty much in last place of the list I will provide from here.

Me/James; hmm... can't really decide but I feel like I would be up top but we just haven't played enough matches for me to confirm this.

Just10: same reason as before he just doesn't like playing the resist game as stated from himself. Also, the fact that he has trouble with the position lag



woe/bg- not even gonna mention anyone cuz it just champs using FO or asura which is just bland.


Lord Knight


Me: I believe I'm the only LK that plays pvp right? and not even bragging, but I think I could beat every LK on this server.



I don't know how to list this honestly because I never really looked at LKS like that but if I were to decide based on presence this is how it would go.


Pineapple Express: whenever I see this dude he is always killing someone at the very least before he goes down.

Jimmy: I remember back in my SL days I would avoid this man because the way he spams bb be looking faster than others and it packs a punch.


sry, imma just add other people in a grp because I honestly can't think from this point.

(Uriel, Just10, Kaye)- I would see them putting in work as they should.




Grime-  just as many already said he's the best that plays this class. I dunno if its just me but it's on sight whenever we see each other always trying best each other. I wish this b**** a** would pvp more just because of how knowledgable he is about the class. it would be interesting.

that cereal brand one: she actually uses mamo in her kit so I guess that's a plus.

Simmy: compared to most generic bios she knows how to choose her fights than just potato spamming ad. That actually a skill even I lack lol. I'm not even trying to downplay you Simmy kappa.




Soov: I remember this dude ever since I first started and he presence was so good that he alone could change shifts of a team fight. other than that he knowledge not only on the class but the game itself makes him very good. He too is another b**** a** person that would like to see in pvp, but as he quoted himself "he's too old".

me: there weren't many WS being played until I decided to pick up on it and then the next then u know everyone else seemed to pick up on the meta and the fact that I put in work. 

Diyoso: a disciple of Soov from what I heard of and I notice her talent and abilities. at first, she would kill me if I didn't take her seriously but I learned my lesson xd.

Gelokart: ill slide him in here just because his name reminds me of mariokart.


High Wizard


Ray: just when I thought I was prob the best wiz in pvp the man himself Gandalf had to step in and gave me a lesson on how to humble myself(LOL). all jokes aside he is probably the very pinnacle of what you aim to be as a wizard and another b**** a** that I need to see in pvp more often

me: I've beaten some of the best, so I think that's good enough.

Kratos: never seen him pvp before but I heard he used to and it probably would be fun watching him, so I would like to see his b**** a** too. 



Ray: again, the use of his kit----blah blah blah we heard this already.

Eroll: he's a good wizard all around. nothing much more to say. another b**** a** that won't pvp



woe/bg wise:

Ray/Valk: again back when I was a scrub SL he/she had a presence. I think she prob be on the same league as to ray when it comes to Professor, so this was hard to decide

Rozzy: in conclusion, your chances of winning are increased if she's on your team.



pvp= omegalul



Borrum: he's the best that plays this class knowing how to trap, kite, just flawless. low key another b**** a** I wanna see in pvp too.


these two are like those flies that like to be a pest and u gotta go the extra mile to slap it to death or away.

Lunabell: Cant-not-mention her. She's so cool that people gotta focus her because of how much of a threat she is to that emp.


High Priest


Rozzy: I'm not even being biased or anything, shes just that good at this class.

Charmi: uhh... I guess she's good? LOL just kidding, she does her job well on being a bufferhoe and she does have a cool personality.




Roozy/Retribution: both pallies are one of those pallies that u just gotta focus and if u don't their team are just gonna stay alive. Issa tie between these two.

shampoo guy: not sure if this is ming or Mond but he is on point with the pressure spamming.




Borrum: when u thought stalker was just annoying- he upped it to another level.

Me: I refuse to believe that my stalker doesn't put in that work bolting people to death with my thana bait elemental sword build LOL. 

Klavius: a well-rounded talker that can do his job/role


Soul Linker


Saku: "I run strong shields with Alice and Devi mant lul"- no one2019. lol, I just didn't know what to say about u Saku, rather just make memes. 

Me: a lot of people referred to me as that one SL that was really tanky but I think it not true at all. given the meta back in da days, it was fairly easy to tank a bunch of mages and bios because of the lack of diversity in different classes. however, its the complete opposite and I can guarantee you that I cant tank magic/LR/Melee all at the same time lol. I'm just a reg SL at this point.



I forgot his name but he looked like that dude from Hellsing. he was a good GS and had gotten better over time.

Kratos: can't really tell if GS were effective during woe but I think he did put in DPS in ya bodies.



As far as the other classes go, I didn't bother mentioning them because of how rare they are played. Likewise, I know people that have played those classes but it pretty much comes down to them testing the waters with them and I can't really count that. for example, I know Eroll played SG and was pretty much-whooping everyone asses except for champ. soov tried out Gs for awhile but didn't really stick with it. I think scrub played clown/gypsy. Super Novice is pretty much like dinosaurs- nonexistent. At this point, you should get it. Don't feel offended that your name wasn't mentioned because me being me, I hardly even know my own guildmates names nor characters. I also tend to not mention people that play more than 1 class at times and actually be better than most(shout outs to you just10)and just stick to the ones I mostly see them on with.


to those that made the list

Related image








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14 hours ago, Buckets said:

Saku: "I run strong shields with Alice and Devi mant lul"- no one2019. lol, I just didn't know what to say about u Saku, rather just make memes.

Naw its actually stone buckler, we cant use strong shields

Also stapo card is the best card in the game

Edited by Sakuretsu

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I can only see few people who caught my attention so i wont mention all class



      Rozen & Jai: Simply the best, their screams can Stone Curse you IRL.

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