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Miss Vanjie

Guide to Camping Naturally-Spawned Kiel & Tao Gunka

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We recently have an influx of new players wanting to grab some MVP cards and feeling frustrated with competing with some of the older vets in getting the MVPs. As of right now a lot of the older players control the market in terms of distributing MVPs.

A lot of these players are new to the whole Player vs Monster scene and feel discouraged. I remember when I first started camping MVPs, I didn’t even get to SEE the MVP. It took a lot of learning and learning from experienced players to get the hang of it. I've had a lot of newbies ask me how to camp MVPs. Because of this, I decided to share some of the tips and tricks I learned!!! I know this topic is generally all hush hush since many players are reluctant to share their secrets, so I will just cover the basics on camping the Tao Gunka and Kiel D-01 MVPs. This is my first time writing a guide so please let me know if you need any clarification or further information. With that being said lets get to it!


What we will be covering in this guide...


We will be covering how to effectively camp and kill two of the most sought-after MVPs in the game. Tao Gunka and Kiel D-01 (hereafter referred to simply as “Kiel”). This guide will not cover MVP items and builds. If you have questions about builds and items – here’s a great guide for you to use. 

In this guide, I will cover how to camp the natural spawn points of Kiel and Tao Gunka. By Natural Spawn, I mean how to camp the MVPs in their natural maps (not related to the bounty system or branches).
I’ve broken it down to some simple stages.


1)      Prepping your client for the MVP

2)      Prepping your character for the MVP

3)      Prepping for the arrival of the MVP



This first step is CRUCIAL if you want to start MVP’ing seriously. What we want to do is make the MVPs show up in game BIGGER. Why bigger? Well, sometimes MVP mobs can block your targeting or view of an MVP – this can make you lose time trying to move your cursor around to target the MVP. When I first started, I had my share of accidentally asura-ing minions. This resulted in me losing the MVP to someone else. Seconds lost on minions means someone else can easily get the MVP kill before you.

So how do we do this? It’s simple enough.


1) In your RO folder, click and open AnomalyRO Settings.




2) You want to check off the Large MVP option and press apply. 




This will make MVPs in game look a lot bigger! No more targeting minions (hopefully)!!

Look how big the MVP is now compared to my Pally on a Peco (one of the largest sprites in-game).




And that’s it for this step – I won’t get into blue maps/ more SRH settings since some players have different preferences. This is the most basic setting you should have if you want to camp MVPs.



Basically, you will need 2 items to take with you when you decide to camp MVPs. Convex Mirrors and Yggdrasil Berries. You can get both at the Poring Coin Shop. The most important is the Convex Mirrors!! They will tell you how long until an MVP spawns (Exact time of spawn – unlike the tombstones which give you a range) and they will show you WHERE (it will look like a pink dot on your map). The Yggdrasil berries are pretty self explanatory – heal yourself when taking damage and/or getting ready for the next Asura. You can get PC coins by being active (hourly) and/or by doing contracts or buying/trading them from other players!




(How MVPS appear on your mini-map when revealed by a Convex Mirror -see below)



Knowing where the MVP is crucial to reaching it first and taking the kill. We’ll cover that more and the use of convex mirrors in the next stage.



The MVP will have several spawning points. These are areas where MVPs tend to re-appear. What you want to do is know where the MVP will spawn so you can reach it faster than manually moving to it (which could be across the map) and/or @jumping around randomly. I’ve marked where I’ve found the tombstones of MVPs (where they generally tend to be).  If you go to any map and use some mirrors you can tell where an MVP has died (if it’s already dead it will show where the tombstone is for a split second!!). This is useful for getting the general idea of where MVPs will naturally appear. Convex mirrors are pricey with 5 Poring Coins a piece so you def don’t want to waste these for no reason. However, I will provide the spawn points I use below. If you want to camp other MVPs these steps are generally standard for finding their spawn points. I generally pop them and sit around on the map until the MVP spawns (I usually set another timer on my phone to let me know 1-2 mins before the MVP spawns). Note that once you leave the map the mirror’s effects will disappear, and you will need to use another one when you re-warp to the map.


Since its hard to know EXACTLY where, these spots are places along the map that cover the basic areas of the map. These jump coordinates will get you quickly across the map with a simple @jump command. No more walking to the MVP or @jumping randomly. I’ve posted the coords I use below.








But…how do you get to these coordination’s easily without having to manually type @jump each time?

We’ll make the use of macro hotkeys. Marco hotkeys are keys that allow you to make use of @warps or messages (that you would normally have to type out) with hotkeys!


I’ll cover how to bind @jumps to our map coordinates to hotkeys.


1) We can start setting this up by by pressing ALT+M in-game to open your shortcut settings.


This window should appear:



2) Your window may already have text in them for emoticons such /swt or /desp. Delete those and replace them with the map coordinates of the MVP you would like to camp. (Ignore the CAPS shortcut for now as we will cover how to custom bind these coordinates to hotkeys. Your standard hotkey binds should b ALT+1 to 0.

Note that Camping Tao Gunka will take up around 6 shortcuts, while Kiel will take 9 jump coords. 


Once you have typed in all your coords, pressing ALT+# should automatically input that command. If you want to bind these hotkeys to another button, let’s say Caps button, or a QWERTY set-up, I’ll cover how you can set up your own customized bindings.  


1) Click your Options icon to open up your settings.



2) Next you want to bind which keys will trigger your macros.




3) Click on Macros



4) The Macro's window will look like this.



5) Each macro is listed in your shortcut key – you can customize your hotkeys here if the ALT+# doesn’t work for you. (As you can see, I’ve bound Macro 2 to my Caps button instead of ALT+2).



And ta-dah! Press the buttons to instantly get to your jump points on the map –no typing required! Now once we pop a convex mirror and see the MVP nearby any of our jump points, we can jump to that place with a simple ALT+#. This will help you reach MVPs faster. Speed and Power are the keys to camping these MVPS.


Whoever can reach the MVP the fastest and whoever can deal the most damage to claim the MVP.


This may take some time and practice, but it will get easier with time!! Don’t give up – even if you don’t get the MVP. Most importantly, do not flame or get mad at the folks that do – its part of the fun. There are different ways to get MVP cards, and now hopefully camping the natural spawn will be a lot easier with some of these tips and tricks!


Thanks for reading! Feedback is appreciated as well!


Happy Hunting :) 

(Try to find where the LHZ MVP tombstones are and see if you can figure out the spawn points for them ^_^)





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Good guide for aspiring MvP campers. I dont really camp mvps but this makes me feel like I could try. 

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26 minutes ago, Seraphina said:

Good guide, but you don't need caps in the title, so I have changed it

Thank you!

Edited by Miss Vanjie

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hi sir can you tell me how did u get the map to be like in your pic ?

or even better can you make a detailed guide on anomaly setting?


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8 hours ago, Schotto said:

hi sir can you tell me how did u get the map to be like in your pic ?

or even better can you make a detailed guide on anomaly setting?


You can use paint or Adobe Photoshop! Any image editing platform works!

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