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Perry the Platypus

Bug Report Guidelines

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Before you post here, please be sure you are using the correct section. Bug reports should involve things like NPC or quest issues, item effects not working properly, part of the website not loading correctly, etc - basically anything related to the server that affects everyone. If you're having connection issues, client crashes, patcher problems, etc, you should be posting in the support section instead. This helps to keep the forums organized, and allows us to process bug reports more efficiently.


If you are reporting an exploitable bug, please submit it to an administrator directly in a forum PM, or submit a support ticket instead. This avoids publicly providing details on how to exploit the bug.


Once you know you're posting in the correct section, please be sure to include as many details as possible! Every little detail helps us track down and fix the bug more quickly, so even if you're not sure if it's relevant, please include it.


Thank you!

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