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Hello, since i've been hunting mostly lhz mvps I was curious as to how many i've killed so far during this month, the bounty board says i've only killed 4 naturally spawned mvps, which isn't real. because friday i checked and had 3(which i knew i had more) and during the weekend i killed more than 10 of the lhz spawns.


I think my naturally spawned mvps have been 2 ktuls, 1 ifrit and 1 vesper. I'm not saying it because i'm not on the top 10 because of that, but mainly because it really doesn't count and seems to be a minor bug.


Thanks for reading :)


edit: just tested, thanatos also doesn't count...so maybe the ktuls also didn't count? because they're technically not naturally spawned, they have to be summoned

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Only MVPs with a natural tombstone counts. LHZ is a special case as that was added a few months ago therefore isn't really that "natural".

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