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Slotted Equips

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Everything has a minimum of 2 slots, which for everything except weapons does mean that all gear is 2 slotted, yep. For weapons specifically though, if a weapon has more than 2 slots by default, it'll keep the slot count here (for example, Blade [4] is still 4 slotted). :o


Generally speaking people will typically go for a 4-slotted weapon if they're looking specifically for damage, which is you see things like Composite Bow [4] being used over other weapons. If they're only looking for utility/resist, the slot count doesn't matter quite as much, so you'll often see people using something like a Combat Knife [2] for those types of builds.


Probably worth noting as well that job suits are meant to be purely cosmetic and as such have 0 slots, but these are currently the only exception.

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