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Breaking Bun

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1cwMH9N.png Breaking Bun 1cwMH9N.png

Status: Sorta Inactive and Not Recruiting


The guild was first created to just store stuff cause making slim potions take time and

not everyone likes to stay in the mall to get stuff all the time while making potions.

The guild has a few members at the moment. A high portion of us have played since beta

or directly after when Ragnarok Online was still Pay to Play. The rest have at least 7+ years

of experience on various other servers mostly ranging from all rates, low~super high


We are mainly a closed-social PvE focused guild. Few of us have tactical farming strategies

that we probably won't mind passing down as general knowledge. If you have something

to ask that isn't already mentioned on the forums or google, we usually dont mind

answering provided we aren't busy doing something or afk. 


The guild is looking for people(newbies) who are innovative or wanting to figure out the

hidden secrets of this game that has existed for the past 15 years called Ragnarok Online.

(Provided rAthena didn't screw stuff up from the original RO servers)


Guild Founder
Kouen | Winter | Snow


Guild Officers
Mizuki | Novelli


Brook | Burger


 Mango Tree 

Cake | Odheliah


Guild Requirements and Rules

5413.gif Don't cause drama 5413.gif

2392.png Has a nice butt 2392.png

5413.gif Again, no drama 5413.gif

5827.gif Read a lot 5827.gif


Applicants who want to join the guild will have to fill up a form and will be contacted

via forum PM, Discord or in-game message for a short interview. 

7347.png You can find the form by clicking here. 7347.png

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