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Perry the Platypus

Alternative Donation Methods

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Hai! We've just updated the donation page to include support for alternative payment methods, for those of you that can't use PayPal.


The alternative methods that are available to you will depend on where you live, but typically they include payment via phone and some card-based options. It's also possible to pay via Western Union by selecting MOL Points / Rixty (should be listed under "Prepaid"). Please keep in mind that some of these methods (particularly Western Union via Rixty) may take some time to process, so you may not receive your credits instantly like you do with PayPal payments.


Currently our price points on the alternative methods are the same as the prices via PayPal, however due to differences in fees it's possible that the prices may be a little bit higher. We recommend using PayPal if you can. Also, please note that the bulk purchase bonuses only apply to PayPal, not the alternative payment methods. Temporary donation promos will still apply to all payment methods when active.


If you have any questions please feel free to let us know!

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Hi! can i purchase the monthly VIP account using the alternative payment method? Im currently in Oman and does not have a paypal account.

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Unfortunately the alternative methods don't properly support purchases of a single, higher priced item, since they're designed more so for things like mobile apps where users typically purchase thousands of a currency at a time. :( I have tried look into other methods but I unfortunately wasn't able to find any other viable payment processors that would work for this without very large fees and/or a minimum required income to use, aside from other credit card processors (which PayPal can already do).

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