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Rozzy's Vendre [ BST ]

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 Buying : [ Any ] 
32907_icon.png.185e86f17497fce38676c11ef12fce0b.png +0/+4 Donation Headgears : 400 Donation Tickets 
32907_icon.png.185e86f17497fce38676c11ef12fce0b.png +8 Donation Headgears : 600 Donation Tickets
2306_icon.png.ddecd276ed4dca3100be4007721a4cba.png Job Suit : 650 Donation Tickets
 33754.png Dark Knight Cloak

Selling :
40001_icon.png.7fa44dfdcc5ffb123d57657fdb5ffa8e.png13,680 Battleground Tickets [ 1BG : 2DC / 30BG : 1MC ] 
7539_icon.png.c11d5fd3f79beabc0daf5f9ac72fdaec.png 5,535 Poring Coins [ 60PC : 1B  / 2PC : 1DC ]
4001_icon.png.99cc4e20bb21c5e2faae21fa709bd10e.png10 Tao Gunka [ 5B / 400DC ]   ( Currently out of stock )
4001_icon.png.99cc4e20bb21c5e2faae21fa709bd10e.png11 Kiel-D-01 [ 4B / 300DC ]  ( Currently out of stock )

4001_icon.png.99cc4e20bb21c5e2faae21fa709bd10e.png10 High Wizard [ 2B / 150DC ]
4001_icon.png.99cc4e20bb21c5e2faae21fa709bd10e.png11 Sniper [ 2B ] 

4001_icon.png.99cc4e20bb21c5e2faae21fa709bd10e.png10 Vesper [ 1B ]
4001_icon.png.99cc4e20bb21c5e2faae21fa709bd10e.png12 Gloom Under Night 1491032728_YellowStar.gif.da1e7011ffe41b80926c2e790c6739be.gif 15 Lady Tanee 1491032728_YellowStar.gif.da1e7011ffe41b80926c2e790c6739be.gif 25 Maya 1491032728_YellowStar.gif.da1e7011ffe41b80926c2e790c6739be.gif 8 Fallen Bishop [ 500M ]
4001_icon.png.99cc4e20bb21c5e2faae21fa709bd10e.png28 Pharaoh 1491032728_YellowStar.gif.da1e7011ffe41b80926c2e790c6739be.gif 17 Randgris 1491032728_YellowStar.gif.da1e7011ffe41b80926c2e790c6739be.gif 11 Maya Purple [ 500M ]

7086.png.49e65647b77b3ca3f76c327d794dd74c.pngWoE Drops [ 2B / 200DC ]

1143266081_SeismicShard.png.3a4852e99c46d164d40fd758c9adaf01.pngSeismic Shard Hanbok.png.ede88f3f68517637f4328bfe20a5dec9.png Hanbok Suit 33782.pngBlazing Shard 33819.pngTidal Shard

Fireblend.png.a8b396640ce8219e21b3a28f7b9b965e.png+10 Fire Brand 1491032728_YellowStar.gif.da1e7011ffe41b80926c2e790c6739be.gif 1314_icon.png.7607c8da9e80dc53578a72dc2b5c9854.png +10 Tomahawk
2630.gif.1480eaf942720b6e2a4ed0cfc7d430e3.gifBrisingamen 2629.gif.64e24f3641d8ede0e780fb91f4737b16.gifInt Belt / Dex Belt / Str Belt / Vit Belt 1530.png Mjolnir 45022.png Azula's Ring  2410.gif.ca426cdd946687a1d1d7e98526cb0b92.gifSleipnir [ 2,200DC ]
33757_icon.png.76aa22c29ea33497d623d117a8d28e9e.png Phoenix 33758_icon.png.25379ff7f18998857628d4784d07995e.png Tiger Divergent Helm

Trading : 
2306_icon.png.ddecd276ed4dca3100be4007721a4cba.png Baby Priest / Baby Sage

32518_icon.png.484ebae88b6fc7203810abfccc314d37.png Drooping Box Hat

33245.png  Rainbow Side Ribbon

33755.png  Dark Repulser

33477.png  Waffle in Mouth

IGN : Wish Maiden sparkly_starwberry_bullet_by_dororoandkururu-d5agxrz.gif

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Shop close due to inactivity ( Lost trade of market prices ) . However , feel free to send me a pm via forum if one's interested in selling Donation Headgears / Job Suits 

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Hi there,


What time do you usually go online? I'd be interested in couple of items on your list for donation creds.



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