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Sniper Build and Guide (Need Help)

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Can anyone teach me how to use sniper?



Agi- 300+


Int- 90+

Dex- 500

Luk- 300+


PVM type (hit type)

I do damage about 9k per hit, but i saw someone with 50k per hit

What items and cards do i need?

im currently using

Sniping suit with venatu and ancient mimic card

vali's manteau in garment with 2 noxious card

vidar boots with boss egnigem cenia and amonra card

freebies HG with vanberk card and gemini card

brooch with owl baron card and kukre

brooch with violy card and kukre


Composite bow with 2 AS card 1 Paper card and Abysmal Card

Composite bow with 2 Hydra card 1 AS and 1 Paper card

Composite bow with 2 desert wolf  card and 2 AS card

Composite bow with 2 minorous card 2 AS card 


Anything i need to change?


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@rozzy thank you for the info!

ill try that too in GR

i always play renewal so i dont know in pre renewal haha..

Im adjusting alot with items i used for my ranger and not existing in pre renewal hehe..

thank you for this guide 

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