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Paladin Balancing

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As an exclusive paladin player, I feel I have a good grasp of its strengths and weaknesses. They're literally unplayable right now and I'd like to suggest some improvements.


1. We're supposed to be un-killable tank classes and I feel there are 2 skills that are really giving us a headache atm in both BG and WoE. One is Spiral Pierce and the other is Spider Web. My suggestion to fix this is to give us access to Kyrie Eleison and Land Protector. The addition of these two skills in our arsenal will also allow us to better support our party members and prevent us from being locked up while we attempt to grab objectives in BG.


2. Autoguard. The delay when being attacked and having the Autoguard trigger is also slowing us down. We're supposed to be unstoppable juggernauts like Gravity intended us to be. My suggestion is to also allow us use of Level 10 One-Handed Parry that also transfers through to our devotion targets. Parry does not have the delay when triggering and would be a great boon to our juggernaut class fantasy and not slow us down while doing so.

3. Magic Rod. Bolts hurt. As one of the two tank classes of RO, we can't be expected to front line if we can't stop these bolters from nuking us and the hitlock is also stopping us from moving. We're supposed to be unstoppable juggernauts. Give us the use of Magic Rod to better support our party by not getting insta-nuked. However, to aid in our unstoppable juggernaut-ness though, I feel we should implement a new form of Magic Rod. A version that doesn't stop our movement while casting it. A mobile magic rod, if you will.


4. On the topic of supporting our party, a predicament I often find myself in is all of my party members being frozen. Giving us the Status Recovery skill will allow our once frozen party members to trudge onward into battle.


5. Devotion. Another problem I've noticed is that our devotees are often squishy targets that just leads to us dying for them. We can't have a juggernaut dying. That is not what juggernauts do. I propose Devotion adding our resists to all of our devotees, but I could budge on this and settle with 50-75% being added instead.


6. On the topic of Soul Links, I find the paladin kit to be rather lacking as 3 of our main abilities are neutral locked. Those being Shield Chain, Shield Boomerang, and Sacrifice. To make our link more useful, I think allowing those abilities to be element-able when linked would add to our arsenal and shore up some of our more obvious weaknesses. 

7. Last but not least, as the real tanks of RO (step aside Lord Knights), I believe Berserk should be inherent to our skill set, but a paladin that can't support his teammates with the aforementioned skills is a rather useless paladin. Perhaps a version of Berserk where paladins can still cast skills should be implemented instead.


I've thought long and hard about all of this and will add more if I think of anything. Let me know your thoughts. As always, don't forget to like, comment, share, and subscribe!

Scrub made me do it.

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Throwing shade instead of giving actual constructive feedback and criticism.




But it won’t do much for your sake lmao.

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