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Perry the Platypus

Server Updates (Feb 6, 2018)

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Hai! Today we're adding the Valentine's quests, as well as updating the Poring Coin Shop a little bit to make some of the choices more appealing. There's also some balancing changes, including buffs to Loki Armor and Sorcerer's Robe from the Battlegrounds shop!


The damage stat Battlegrounds armors (+Str/Dex/Int) are being left as is for now, because with god items being available soon, standard MDef will likely be quite a bit higher, which may change armor preferences a bit. We'll look at them again a bit later to see if they need a bit of a boost to bring them in line with the rest.


Server Updates


Update: Valentine's headgear quests have been added and will be available from February 10, 00:00 - February 19, 23:59


-Chocolate Truffle
-Heart Glasses
-Heart Hat
-Heart Ring
-Heart Scarf
-Heart Wings
-Love Heart Clip
-Love Pin
-Love Wings
-Black/Red/White Rose
-Rose Ring
-Rose Wings
-Valentine Ribbon Hat

Update: The Poring Coin Shop items have been updated


-FCP Scroll -> FCP Scroll Box (3)
-Individual Converters -> Converter Box (3)
-Yggdrasil Berry -> Yggdrasil Berry Box (3)
-Convex Mirror (5 Poring Coins)

Bugfix: Fixed @checkresist not displaying the resist from bows/guns




Buff: Loki Armor now grants +5 MDef (all classes) and -10% after-cast delay (Acolyte, Mage, Archer)
Buff: Sorcerer's Robe now grants +3 MDef and +500 max SP
Buff: Bows and guns have had their resistance increased from 25% -> 33%
Nerf: Slim Potion Pitcher now has a 250ms cool down
Nerf: Please Don't Forget Me will now reduce movement speed by 25-40% instead of 45-95%
Nerf: Invulnerable Siegfried's elemental resistance has been reduced from 80% -> 20%
Nerf: Enchant Deadly Poison will now be cancelled when casting Berserk
Buff: Impositio Manus has been changed to a 3x3 AoE

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3 minutes ago, Perry the Platypus said:

Whoops, that's fixed now LOL, sorry about that. I'll PM you in-game to exchange the ones you already opened.

Thanks again :)

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